The blockchain isn’t the only revolutionary technology making profits for early investors. The next generation of wireless technology is set to unleash $500 billion in spending—and a major vote this past week will expedite the process. We told you what it was… and how to position yourself…

Midweek, we took a detour to an emerging market that’s attracting billions in new investments. And we bookended the week with lessons you can learn from the crypto market. All that—and more—below…

Did This Fake News Cause Bitcoin to Drop?
Earlier this month, the mainstream press rattled the crypto market when it reported that a major financial firm was ditching its plans for a crypto trading desk. We called it fake news… and were proved correct

Tomorrow’s Vote Could Launch a $500 Billion Industry
Most Americans probably don’t even know this major vote went down. But it could be one of the biggest money-making opportunities we’ve seen in decades. Here’s how to profit before everyone else gets in

Why This Tesla Bull Is Changing His Tune
At the Daily, we’re always looking for money-making opportunities. But you can’t make money if you’re losing money. And this popular stock will likely be a loser

Why Betting on India Is a “No Brainer”
We search high and low for great investments. One way to do this is to follow the world’s greatest investors. If these guys are putting billions of dollars to work, that means profits are likely to follow

Why You Don’t Need to Bet Big to Win Big on Cryptos
Most people think that Amazon became a world dominator by making all the right decisions. But the company has made more bad investments than good ones. The few it got right were home runs, though


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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California has the 5th Biggest Economy on Earth. Now They Could Create their Own Country…
California has tried to leave America 200 separate times. This time they just might do it Governor Jerry Brown says the feds are "basically going to war" against the state. And stunning new research shows California (and 12 other states) could soon reclaim part of their sovereignty from the federal government. Is your state on the list? And how will you be affected?


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New Energy Metal Set to Explode in 2018
The Wall Street Journal says, “The world is about to experience its biggest shift in commodities demand since the 19th century.”

Surprisingly, a lowly metal is on the verge of becoming the “key” driver of America’s third power shift. Get in now before this information is common knowledge.

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D.C. Elites Don’t Collect Social Security—They Collect This Instead
Vice President Ford: $6,133 every month…

Chief Deputy Whip Dan Rostenkowski: $14,667 monthly…

California Representative Duke Cunningham: $3,500 a month…

Even President Nixon collected from this obscure yet lucrative Social Security alternative. He collected $200,000 a year (in today’s money).

As one insider put it:

“This is Social Security on steroids.”

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