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GREED—As we noted in yesterday’s Daily, bullish sentiment is surging. Investors just kicked CNNMoney’s sentiment readings into the “greed zone.” Remember the warnings of super-investor Warren Buffett: Be fearful when others are greedy (and greedy when others are fearful). RED BACK—China just inked an agreement with Los Angeles to establish its first yuan clearinghouse bank […]

How to quickly get a pay-raise (4 simple, proven steps)

“As an employee, there’s really only one way to get rich…” “… You must first make your boss richer.” That’s a classic Mark Ford quotation. He learned this from direct experience. You get rich as an employee by completing a three-step journey: from ordinary employee, to extraordinary employee, to invaluable employee. Mark provides the steps […]

Don’t make this common mistake when it comes to employee compensation

“An intern could earn the equivalent of [service workers’] entire annual income in three short months.” That’s a quote from Samantha Allen at The Daily Beast. She reports Silicon Valley interns—many still in high school—can earn $6,000-10,000 per month working for firms like Google, Apple, and Facebook. They also often receive an average of $3,000 […]

This is the fundamental question you must answer during any market upheaval

If you’re a regular Daily reader, you already have your risk-management protocol in place. You keep appropriate position sizes, you employ trailing stop losses, and you maintain a diversified asset allocation. With your risk under control, you may already hunger for new opportunities to profit from oil market volatility. After all, you’ve often seen us […]

The Great Oil Price War has begun

“I don’t know how practical it is to try to kick shale out of the market…” So confides an anonymous oil minister from OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries). Reuters reports the global oil cartel voted against cutting oil production worldwide on Friday. The group extended its current ceiling of 30 million barrels of […]