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Did you know…?

From Amanda Carden, quality assurance manager, Palm Beach Research Group: Did you know PBRG has a brand-new Facebook page? Thousands of our subscribers “liked” and followed our business when it was known as The Palm Beach Letter on Facebook. Now, we’ve set up a new Facebook page for the Palm Beach Research Group. The page […]

Do You Know This Former Senator?

Regular Daily readers know we’re big proponents of using dividend-paying whole life insurance to build wealth. We call the strategy Income for Life or the 770 Account. We love it because it lets you build your wealth tax-free… it pays (over the long run) about 30-40 times more than traditional bank accounts… and you can […]

How to make money when the markets panic

And just like that, the world came unglued… Zero Hedge reports a series of financial scares is sweeping the world: Greece declared a bank holiday through July 6. That’s when the Greek people will vote on a de facto referendum over whether to exit the eurozone. A Greek exit will send global equity markets reeling. […]