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The “Bond King”: Citizens’ last financial “escape hatch” is closing…

“Bond King” Bill Gross’ latest “Investment Outlook” notes the escalating War on Cash… There is a somewhat suspicious uniform attack on high denomination bills of global currencies. Noted economists such as Larry Summers; respected journalists such as the FT’s Gillian Tett, central bankers such as Mario Draghi—all seem suddenly concerned that 500 euro or 10,000 […]

Jim Rogers: 100% probability of recession within a year

Legendary investor Jim Rogers says the chance of a U.S. recession within one year is “100%”… In a recent Bloomberg TV interview, Rogers notes the long-term U.S. average for recessions is every four to seven years. It’s now been eight years since the last U.S. economic downturn. Rogers sees the economic turmoil in China, Japan, […]