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Tom Dyson: Why I never bet on perfection

From Tom Dyson, publisher, Palm Beach Research Group: Today, I made a bet with Mega Trends Investing Editor Teeka Tiwari. We’re betting on financial services company Visa Inc. (NYSE: V). I bet Visa will generate negative returns for investors over the next three years, including dividends. Teeka took the other side of this bet. Visa […]

The incredible—and frightening—future of robotics in America

“Our device isn’t meant to make employees more efficient. It’s meant to completely obviate them.” So says the co-founder of San Francisco startup Momentum Machines. The company’s building a machine that will automate the production of gourmet-quality hamburgers. It’ll shape the burgers and grill them to order, with just the right amount of char and […]

The only concept you need to know to nail market trends before everyone else

Editor’s Note: Market volatility continues to leave investors uneasy worldwide. This week, the financial sphere is fretting over the Federal Reserve’s upcoming announcement on interest rates. With so much uncertainty out there, we turned to Tom last week to answer subscribers’ questions on the safest place for your cash today. In today’s Daily, Tom addresses […]

Why We Lied to Our Kids

From Mark Ford, editor, Creating Wealth: A few years ago, Bill Bonner, my friend and business partner, asked me to speak to a group about “the challenge of intergenerational wealth.” What the heck is intergenerational wealth? It’s the wealth you’ve acquired for your children, grandchildren, and maybe even your great-grandchildren. The challenge is how to […]