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Wearable technology: you will be wearing the internet around your body in 2016

You’ll be wearing your computer… as early as next year. Forbes reports Google has partnered with denim maker Levi Strauss & Co. to “wire” our clothing. Their joint venture—called Project Jacquard—weaves conductive yarn into everything from jeans to jackets. The result is a “swipeable” fabric. It’s similar to the faceplate of your smartphone or tablet. […]

Tom Dyson: Three Simple Steps to Secure Your Money Online

Editor’s Note: The largest cybersecurity breach in U.S. government history just compromised the personal data—including Social Security numbers—of millions of current and former federal employees. We cannot underestimate the damage a hacker can do to our wealth online. Tom first wrote about the importance of protecting your online security in August 2010. These valuable tips […]

When gold hits $25,000

“We are now on the cusp of the next major bull market in the investing world.” It’s gold. MarketWatch reports the founder of ElliottWaveTrader—Avi Gilburt—believes the yellow metal is about to start its next leg higher. Its ultimate top: $25,000 per ounce. Now, before you rush out to your local coin dealer… Gilbert says it’s […]