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If you think only of dividends when seeking yield, you’re missing two-thirds of the equation

Today, we bring Palm Beach Daily readers more insight from Grant Wasylik. The Palm Beach Letter’s chief analyst attended the 8th annual “Inside ETFs” conference last month. It’s the largest exchange-traded fund (ETF) conference in the world. (You can read previous entries here and here). From Grant Wasylik, chief analyst, The Palm Beach Letter: Meb […]

Grant meets with legendary investor Rob Arnott at the “Inside ETFs” conference…

From Grant Wasylik, chief analyst, The Palm Beach Letter: His company developed strategies supporting $177 billion in assets… He’s a pioneer in the investment industry… a world-renowned lecturer on asset allocation… and he’s been dubbed the “Father of Fundamental Indexing.” Rob Arnott is the chairman and CEO of Research Affiliates. The company examines new approaches […]

If you’re concerned right now, remember the world’s ultimate safe haven asset

From Mark Ford in Creating Wealth: You can lose wealth in many ways. Here are just a few… •  Regulators can confiscate your stocks and bonds—even your cash—for all sorts of political, commercial, or bureaucratic reasons. •  Banks can seize your real estate if you can’t meet your mortgage payments. •  Brokerages can collapse, wiping […]

As hyperinflation descends on these unfortunate people… this is your ultimate “insurance policy”

“Soon we’ll have to walk around with suitcases of cash…” Zero Hedge reports it now takes over 39 hryvnia (Ukraine’s currency) to match one U.S. dollar. That’s an increase of over 100% since January 1. Last year, the hyrivnia’s inflation rate already spiked upward by 28.5%. But that only begins to convey the damage happening […]

One simple blueprint = Over a decade of gains ahead

Editor’s Note: We’ve spilled a lot of ink this week discussing Editor Teeka Tiwari’s Golden Ratio thesis (see here and here). But today, I wanted something extra special for all Daily readers to close out the week… Below—for the first time ever—you’ll find Teeka Tiwari’s presentation at the 2014 Infinity Conference. This content is normally […]