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This doctor has scientific proof your body can heal itself. Here’s how…

Up to 80% of patients enjoy a favorable response to these “drug substitutes”… For over 50 years, substances with no medicinal value—placebos—have resolved patients’ illnesses. These include cases as serious as heart disease and the deadliest forms of cancer. In the eye-opening video below, Dr. Lissa Rankin reveals an enormous error in Western medicine: Doctors […]

Mark Ford: The “nine P’s” of a moneymaking business

From Mark Ford, editor, Creating Wealth: Bill Bonner, legendary copywriter—and one of my biggest clients—is a constant articulator of powerful, business-building ideas. Recently, in a memo to his senior executives, he discussed the difficulty of starting and growing new businesses. He offered a brilliant synopsis of “what it takes to make (such) businesses work.” “There […]

Robots, default, and conspiracy FACTS…

Editor’s Note: Several months ago, we tested a special “Weekend Edition” of The Palm Beach Daily. It included fascinating stories we came across during our research endeavors… often outside the narrow confines of finance and investment. And it was very popular. But we learned our subscribers also wanted “first dibs” on the most popular promotions […]

How to avoid making the biggest mistake in all of finance

In 1980, Stewart Horejsi (pronounced hor-ish) was a tired Kansas businessman. Then, he got a tip on an up-and-coming investor named Warren Buffett… Over a few months, Horejsi bought 300 shares of Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway. His average cost basis was $314 per share. Today, Horejsi’s a billionaire. (His initial 1980 buy made him a […]