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I was wrong. And you can benefit from it.

From Mark Ford, founder, Palm Beach Research Group: When Tim and Tom told me back in 2012 they wanted to recommend Income for Life to our readers, I objected. “The only sort of life insurance we should recommend is term insurance,” I told them. But they insisted I had it all wrong. Well, I wasn’t […]

UPDATE: Tom addresses your concerns on collapse and your investments

Editor’s Note: China’s stock market crashed last month. In response, the U.S. Dow Jones industrial average opened with an unprecedented 1,000-point decline. Investors are worried about another 2008-type crisis, or worse. So today, we’re revisiting a piece addressing that extreme volatility. Palm Beach Research Group Founder Tom Dyson addresses some major concerns disturbing our subscribers. […]

Tom on “ghost cities”… and how to handle China’s crash now

China’s entering a depression right now. And this one’s going to be really bad… Now, China should be known as the world’s greatest engineering and construction project in human history. In a broadcast on China’s real estate bubble, 60 Minutes reports the country has been building between 12 and 24 new cities each year. It’s […]

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?

From Marvin Schulz, staff writer, Palm Beach Research Group: I’ve never thought about traditional retirement. I’ve never wondered about how much money I need to retire. Until recently… I visited Colombia for 10 weeks. In Salento, a famous coffee town in the mountains, I met a retired German couple. At night, they sipped beers in […]

Tom Dyson: Why I never bet on perfection

From Tom Dyson, publisher, Palm Beach Research Group: Today, I made a bet with Mega Trends Investing Editor Teeka Tiwari. We’re betting on financial services company Visa Inc. (NYSE: V). I bet Visa will generate negative returns for investors over the next three years, including dividends. Teeka took the other side of this bet. Visa […]