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10 More Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job Right Now!

Editor’s Note: Back in March, we published an essay from our longtime friend, best-selling author, and “serial entrepreneur,” James Altucher. He spoke about the changing face of corporate America, and how it is time to get out. Today, James follows up with 10 more reasons you should quit your job, right now.   10 More Reasons […]

How to never pay another dime for movies in your life

PBRG just completed its comprehensive “Middleman Report.” It details the many ways you can cut out the “go-between” to save thousands in expenses. The 71-page report covers everything from travel… to entertainment… to utilities… to taxes and health care… and so much more. It’s a free bonus for all paid PBRG subscribers. Below, you’ll find […]

How to profit from the real estate bull market

Real estate moguls are so bullish, they’re turning to “the mob” to fund their deals… Private real estate investment firm The Carlton Group is a major player in the U.S. market. It’s done $125 billion total in deals since 1991. The Wall Street Journal reports the group is moving into crowdfunding to finance its deals. […]

The quick-fire guide to real estate

Editor’s Note: Many of our subscribers say they want to make money investing in rental real estate… but it just takes too much time and effort. In today’s special Daily, Mark shares how you can get into real estate—and close on your first deal—in just 12 hours…   How to get into real estate—and close your […]

The latest cancer research: scientists “kill” cancer cells (Video)

An experimental cancer-killing technique boasts a 90% success rate… The process uses genetically engineered viruses to attack various forms of cancer. For example, scientists injected a modified version of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) into a patient suffering from leukemia. The patient got sick… then emerged 100% cancer-free. These incredible procedures have been in trials for […]

How to beat the S&P 500 (by 400%)

They promise the moon—30%-plus annual returns. But they’ve underperformed the S&P 500 as a group, every year, since 2008… Zero Hedge reports hedge funds suffered an abysmal month in June. Most came in nowhere near as “strong” as the S&P 500’s -2.10% returns for the month. The worst in class: the “Tulip Trend Fund.” It […]