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Beware: This “simple way to crash-proof your portfolio” is a wealth stealer…

It was the biggest (and strangest) intraday points decline in Dow Jones Industrial Average history. U.S. stock markets sold off by about 9%. Equities bled out $1 trillion in market capitalization before whipsawing back higher. Within about 20 minutes, the markets had recovered most of their losses. The 2010 “flash crash” occurred five years ago […]

How to cure a corporate mite infestation

From Mark Ford, editor, Creating Wealth: A division of one of the publishing businesses I work with had been in a slump for a long time. Sales were flat. Profits were slipping. Refunds were up. Testimonials from happy customers were down. Most tellingly, the office was full of grumpy people who didn’t even seem to […]

This billionaire’s ominous warning should make every investor take notice

“This is all ending… ” Billionaire money manager Bill Gross was once known as America’s “Bond King.” He managed over $270 billion in fixed income assets inside PIMCO’s Total Return Fund. He just made some eye-opening remarks about the longevity of the stock and bond bull markets… In his latest “Investment Outlook” essay, Gross notes […]