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This rare stock market profit cycle hasn’t been seen in 15 years

Editor’s Note: We’ve received a lot of feedback concerning PBRG Editor Teeka Tiwari’s “New Golden Ratio” investment thesis. His research shows a major demographic shift is happening in America—one that will power a 14-year bull market in U.S. stocks. It’s a controversial position… but this is the nature of contrarian investing: You have to go […]

Look out: “Neuroeconomics” may be the biggest threat to your portfolio

If your financial advisor ever uses the word “neuroeconomics,” fire him… immediately… It’s another word for financial “behavioral coaching.” In a recent Time Money article, advisor Bridget Mermel explained her most important advisory role: to manipulate her clients’ behavior (i.e., to keep them from selling low in a panic). She uses a protocol she adapted […]

What’s your plan to survive the “currency war?”

Editor’s Note: In today’s Weekend Edition of the Palm Beach Daily, we’re pleased to welcome back Palm Beach Research Group’s Editor-in-Chief Jeff Remsburg. Today, Jeff exposes a currency crisis affecting the entire world, and what you need to do to protect yourself from becoming its next victim… Right now, governments around the world are involved […]