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This indicator reveals market risk is higher now than during the Dot-Com era

MarketWatch reports 2014’s top 10 financial advisors’ average portfolios were over three times riskier than the broad market itself. Each year, market analyst Mark Hulbert ranks the performance of the top 10 financial advisors. He then tracks the risk associated with these outperforming portfolios. 2014’s average portfolio risk was 3.32 times higher than the general […]

Sixty-two percent of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover these crucial expenses…

Only 38% of Americans have enough savings to handle routine unplanned expenses. That’s according to a recent survey. These are basic issues, like a flat tire or a plumber’s visit to fix a clogged toilet. To pay for these things, 26% of people (without sufficient savings) must forego buying other items… 16% borrow from […]