“When it comes to investing, boring is big money…”

This is what my friend and former colleague Brian Hunt says is one of the great investment secrets of the world. And Brian knows a thing or two about investment secrets… he’s editor-in-chief of Stansberry Research. It’s the largest independent investment research company in the world.

Thousands of great potential investment stories have come across his desk over the years. A lot of them involved things like “leading edge” biotech firms or “invaluable” gold explorer companies, all ready to launch to triple-digit gains. But only amateurs’ ears perk up when they hear these stories…

The truth is, the best investors in the world get intrigued over the most mundane stories out there. They recognize an investment’s excitement level is usually an inverse of its likelihood of success. Wise investors want to own the company that makes the shaving cream in your medicine cabinet… or the cereal in your pantry. They want to tap into the nonstop, ever-growing cash flow of the most pervasive, best businesses on Earth… what we call Legacy stocks at PBRG.

If you can internalize it, Brian’s article may be the most valuable investment essay you’ll ever read. Click here to read it for free.