From Steven W.: The insight contained in the February 2015 Palm Beach Letter issue was excellent and quite timely.

From Charalampos C.: I would like to congratulate the PBL team for your excellent work. The recommendation in February’s issue is exceptional. I will definitely add it to my portfolio.

From Jerry P.: It’s a great idea and a wonderful approach. I cannot be more pleased.

Reeves’ Comment: Gents, thank you for your kind words. We couldn’t include all the satisfied emails we’ve received over this issue… there’s just too many. We’re glad you found great value in it.

From Jesse S.: The February 21 issue of The Palm Beach Daily entitled “What’s your plan to survive the ‘currency war?’” is the best explanation of the currency wars I have read to date. Keep it up.

From J.L.: [PBRG Editor-in-Chief] Jeff Remsburg, your essay regarding the global “currency wars” is well written… easy to understand by a layman like me… and truly informative. It has allowed me to recognize the imminent need to secure additional “insurance” that gold provides to my limited retirement portfolio.

Please continue to keep your readers apprised of market developments of relevance. Thank you for providing such sound advice.

From Jay E.: Great essay by Jeff. Describes what is going on in the foreign exchange (FX) markets in an easy-to-understand manner. His description helps to make you better prepared for what is to come.

I am currently buying “poor man’s gold” (silver) in anticipation of the future. I also have some gold mining stocks in my portfolio, as well as some spread trades on [gold ETF] GLD.

Reeves’ Comment: Folks, thanks for the praise… but remember, Jeff’s just getting warmed up. If you’d like to have him address a particular subject, give us your ideas right here.

From Kenneth A.: How do you accumulate gold in today’s marketplace if you are not wealthy?

How do you own it? Is it by buying futures or options as opposed to buying it physically?

If you can afford to buy gold in very small quantities… 1/10 of an ounce, for example, is that wise?

You can buy gold in 1/10-ounce coins. The American Eagle coin, for example, is sold in 1/2-ounce, 1/4-ounce, and 1/10-ounce sizes. They have the same benefits as the 1-ounce coin. But here’s the rub…

You can buy a 1-ounce American Eagle coin right now for $1,263.29. That’s a 4.8% premium to the spot price of $1,205.30.

Or, you can buy a 1/10-oune American Eagle coin for $138.31. To get the same 1 ounce of total gold from 10 1/10-ounce coins, you’d have to spend $1,383.10. That’s a 14.7% premium to the spot price. The smaller coins will always cost you more in premiums.

Unfortunately, that extra premium hurts the small-time investor the most. So I’d stick with the 1-ounce coins. And if I didn’t have the funds yet, I’d focus my time on the saving and wealth-building strategies featured in the March 2015 issue of Creating Wealth until I saved enough for a 1-ounce coin.

What’s the one thing you are struggling with most right now? How can we help? Let us know, right here.