Daniel Dines grew up in Romania, behind the iron curtain…

Raised on a diet of communist propaganda… he understood his opportunities would be limited.

He hustled his way through college with odd jobs until he finally got a chance to make $300 per month as a programmer.

So he grabbed a “how to” book on programming and got to work.

This set off the chain of events that ultimately led him to Microsoft. He could barely speak English… But his skills and ambition saw him through.

After his stint at Microsoft, Dines decided to start his own software company. And in 2005, he launched what would become UiPath.

At first, it struggled to find its feet. And Dines burned through ideas with varying levels of success until he finally found his calling: bots.

Short for robots, bots automate mind-numbing computer tasks. Dines started small, using bots to automate data entry. The cost savings were huge. And giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle came knocking.

They wanted to use UiPath’s bots to automate tasks like customer service… data and text extraction… and sales and finance.

Six years ago, UiPath was worth $7 million. Today, its market cap is $44 billion. That’s an 628,471% increase.

Forbes estimates Dines’ net worth at $9.4 billion. But it wasn’t just Dines who profited.

Early investors made a near-instant fortune when UiPath went public on April 21, 2021.

You see, they invested in UiPath when its pre-IPO shares were just 7 cents each.

When the company went public, shares closed at $74.84. That’s a one-day gain of 106,814%… enough to turn $1,000 into over $1 million.

Daniel Dines’s rags-to-riches story against implausible odds seems like something out of a movie.

But his journey to wealth demonstrates our newest moneymaking theme at PBRG: Pre-unicorns.

Financial Freedom in 24 Hours

A unicorn is a private company with a valuation of $1 billion more. A pre-unicorn is a startup that goes from virtually zero to a $1 billion valuation before it goes public.

It’s important to find pre-unicorns because once you cross $1 billion as a private company, your chances of becoming a multi-billion company increase exponentially.

That’s how UiPath made its investors a fortune.

To find these rare pre-unicorns, Daily editor Teeka Tiwari and myself created a three-step formula. We look for startups that meet these criteria:

  • Poised to disrupt a massive industry: Just like Amazon completely disrupted the bookselling industry (and eventually the entire retail industry)… Netflix disrupted the entire video-rental industry and created a new video streaming industry… And Apple completely reinvented the personal device with the smartphone.

    A massive unicorn in the making will be looking to unmake an entire industry.

  • Still in its early stages: This means the private company’s value is less than $1 billion. So it’s still in its pre-unicorn stages.

  • And have an IPO on the horizon: This is the real secret to making life-changing gains. You must find a way to get into the deal before it goes public.

This formula has worked time and time again…

  • Google was a pre-unicorn… And early investors who got in at the pre-unicorn stage had a chance to make 36,166% in its first 24 hours of trading.

  • Facebook was a pre-unicorn… And early investors who got in at the pre-unicorn stage had a chance to make 121,822% in its first 24 hours of trading.

  • Twitter was a pre-unicorn… And early investors who got in at the pre-unicorn stage had a chance to make 110,614% in its first 24 hours of trading.

That’s why Big T says no market event creates more overnight millionaires than pre-unicorns.

Most people think it’s impossible to make life-changing gains in 24 hours… That’s because Wall Street’s BIG LIE has brainwashed them.

The BIG LIE says if you want to get rich in the markets…. you need to spend your entire life saving money, putting it in a 401k or retirement account… and letting the money compound for 30, 40, even 50 years.

But investing in the right pre-unicorn company can radically accelerate your wealth journey from decades to as little as 24 hours.

It’s what Teeka calls 24/7 Freedom. It simply means living the life you want… where you want… and with whom you want.

And outside of the crypto market, pre-unicorns are the only idea we’ve found that can achieve 24/7 Freedom in as little as 24 hours.

Our First Pre-Unicorn Opportunity

I’ll be honest… Finding pre-unicorns isn’t easy.

Big T and I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours searching for them.

You have to go through thousands of SEC filings… travel hundreds of miles across the globe (navigating a global pandemic in the process)… consult with industry experts to fact check what management is telling to the market… and ensure that the current valuation is low enough to position our readers for 24/7 freedom.

To put in context just how picky we are – for every 20 deals we look at, five might make it through to the next step…

And of those five, maybe one makes it into our elite pre-IPO service, Palm Beach Venture.

That’s why we’re so excited to have unveiled our first pre-unicorn idea to the public.

It’s using cutting-edge blockchain technology to disrupt the $160 billion video game market… Its current valuation is under $50 million… And it has an IPO on the horizon.

So it ticks all three boxes of our pre-unicorn formula.

Recently, Big T shared details about this idea… and how it could accelerate your wealth journey from decades to just 24 hours.

You can watch the replay right here… But you need to hurry. It won’t be available much longer.

And remember, if you want to find a pre-unicorn like UiPath, start with our three-step formula.

Of course, you’ll have to do a lot of homework to identify one… but it’s worth it for the chance at 24/7 Freedom.

Invest Wisely,

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William Mikula
Analyst, Palm Beach Daily