While the U.S. economy emerges stronger from the pandemic, one area of society is still lagging: Mental health. And it’s fueling a substance abuse crisis in America.

According to the latest from the CDC, drug overdose deaths increased by 29.6% for the 12 months ending December 2020. It’s the highest number of overdose deaths ever recorded in a 12-month period and the largest increase since 1999.

Opioids were the leading cause of drug overdose deaths. Over that span, 68,821 individuals died from this class of drugs.

This is a severe problem that calls for a drastic solution. And while it may make some of you uncomfortable, Daily editor Teeka Tiwari believes the answer lies in one category of therapies: plant-based medicines.

Only recently, in the crisis and aftereffects of COVID-19, has there been a renaissance in how society thinks about the opportunity for these powerful therapeutic compounds.

That’s because recent scientific research shows they have the potential to cure a wide range of health disorders… including substance abuse, anxiety, and addiction.

And because of ramped-up interest, Teeka believes we’re on the cusp of the next revolution to impact a multitrillion-dollar market.

To show you how these revolutionary therapies are helping to solve the opioid crisis and other mental health disorders – as well as disrupting the entire Big Pharma industry – Teeka put together a special presentation. You can watch it here.

Then read on to learn how this class of drugs is helping everyone, from veterans who have PTSD to those with treatment-resistant depression…


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily