Science, medicine, and philosophy in a different Palm Beach mailbag today…

From Dr. D.W. S.: In the May 15 Daily mailbag, a Dr. Jack E. (credentials not cited) comments that “… Medical science is mostly based on fraud and trickery.”

Every person has a right to an opinion. No one has a right to be wrong about the facts.

Dr. Jack offers not a single authority to support such an outlandish claim. I am more persuaded by the real world of science—by those who have mapped the human genome, and use it today to identify and cure human diseases.

The fact that the author of such an absurdity is unaware of these things does not mean real science is not being done. But it does say a good deal about his credibility.

From Joe R.: Please use a larger font size for The Palm Beach Daily. In these days of mega storage for data, there is no need to use such small font.

Reeves’ Comment: Thanks for your letter, Joe. You’re the first to mention this. Is anyone else having a difficult time reading/viewing the Daily?

From Mark R.: You guys are awesome! However, your information is not always 100% accurate. In regards to anesthesiologists getting $2,000 per endoscopy and colonoscopy, you’re way off.

Most anesthesiologists don’t do that procedure. It’s usually performed by a nurse anesthetist… and they typically get $150-400 per case. I have had that procedure six times, so I’m well-versed on the topic.

With that said… no way do I want a machine monitoring my sedation drugs. Most people are anti-health care and think it’s a rip off, until they have a major crisis. Then, they will pay any amount to live.

From H G M.: You asked, “Will capitalism last if machines are taking over?” My opinion: It will as long as people wish to trade or buy things.

From R.A.: I have seen a LOT of worry being expressed about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and robots becoming smarter than us in the future. But, I have also seen no action being taken about it!

We are creating an atmosphere of fear, citing the bad repercussions of advancing technology. As acclaimed writer N. N. Taleb says, such “black swan” events should make us adapt instead of retreating into a shell (an absolute recipe for failure).

Let’s stop worrying, and concentrate on developing our minds and bodies today. Let’s not let the burden of the future crush us.

Reeves’ Comment: That sounds like sound advice, R.A. It brings to mind the wisdom of the ancient Stoic philosopher, Epictetus:

Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.

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