Reignited U.S.-China trade war fears led to the market’s zigzags this week. But it shouldn’t bother you. You see, the market’s short-term direction is unknowable. No one has a crystal ball.

So rather than getting sidetracked by the noise, we shared ways for you to ride stocks to new highs without getting shaken out by emotions… along with hedged and alternative assets to defend your portfolio against volatility.

Plus, we even revealed a massive trend—with a tidal wave of money headed into it—to get in front of. Be sure to find it all below…

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The emotional roller coaster ride shakes many investors out of the market. They buy at tops and sell at bottoms. But there are ways to avoid these mistakes

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For decades, 99% of Americans have been locked out of this exclusive market. Yet now, you finally have the chance to get into the types of deals once reserved for the ultra-wealthy

How the Rich Protect Their Money From Trump’s Trade War
The trade war could result in a temporary economic slowdown this year. No matter what happens, though, you can flock to these alternative assets as safe havens while it all plays out

This “Test Run” Will Unlock $340 Billion for Pot Stocks
Unlike other states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana at the ballot box, Illinois is the first to legalize it via its legislature. Here’s what that means for investors

How You Can Front Run the Nation’s Green Rush
Right now, financial advisers are racing to position themselves early in the cannabis space. And they’re using this type of security to do so


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily