When markets look as ugly as they do now, people tend to either sit on the sidelines or panic-sell into weakness.

The S&P 500 is down 12% from its all-time high in December 2021. And bitcoin, a proxy for the crypto market, is down 40% from its all-time high in November 2021.

In times like these, I don’t panic… I get excited.

Instead of seeing carnage and destruction… I see opportunity.

An old broker I used to work for would tell me, “Tiwari, if you don’t buy them when they look absolutely terrible, you’ll never buy a bargain.”

What he failed to add is that you must buy the BEST assets you can when prices are weak. I don’t care how cheap a trash asset gets. At the end of the day, it’s still trash.

The key to making a weak market work for you is to buy the best assets when they are on sale.

One way I put this strategy to work is through the options market.

There is a flood of top-tier blue-chip stocks getting crushed right now. I’m talking about names paying 4% dividends with rock-solid businesses.

These companies have been churning out billions in profits for longer than you and I have been alive.

Right now, I’m earning what I call “Instant Cash Payouts” on one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies.

An Instant Cash Payout is when you offer shareholders a form of insurance that amounts to a low-ball offer.

In technical terms, it’s called selling put options.

Using a unique aspect of the options market, I agree to buy shares for a specific price, over a certain length of time, in exchange for an upfront cash payout.

The cash is mine to keep – no matter what happens. And I only have to buy shares if they drop to our agreed-upon price.

The bottom line is this: I’m making almost 3.3% every two months by making Instant Cash Payouts on this blue-chip stock.

That translates to 19.8% per year.

What if I get put the stock? Well, lucky me! The dividend yield is 4%.

Plus, I can turn around and make even more income using my Instant Cash Listing strategy. Basically, I’ll sell covered calls on my shares in this blue-chip company.

That’s what I mean when I say there are so many moneymaking opportunities out here… even during volatile markets. You just need to know where to look.

And right now, I’m seeing an even bigger opportunity to monetize market fear…

Get Paid From the Coming Crypto Market Panic

If you’ve been following the past couple of weeks, you know I’ve been warning about an event that will trigger a panic in the crypto space.

The event I’m talking about involves Ethereum (ETH).

You see, the next stage of transformational software development will happen on the blockchain… not the traditional internet. And Ethereum is the world’s most widely used blockchain development platform.

Over the next decade, I believe Ethereum has the potential to grow into the world’s most valuable software development ecosystem. That’s why I predict it’ll be the next trillion-dollar coin in market cap behind bitcoin.

Along with its fundamentals, there’s another huge catalyst on the horizon for Ethereum.

It’s called “the Merge.”

The Merge will transition Ethereum from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol. And we expect it to happen sometime this year.

(I explained what the Merge is last week. You can read about it right here.)

As I mentioned above, the Merge will create a panic.

But this panic will be different. Instead of a typical “panic” that leads to mass sell-offs… this will be a “buying” panic of epic proportions.

After the Merge, there will be fewer ETH tokens in circulation – making each more valuable.

This presents a huge opportunity for Ethereum. And it’s one reason I expect it will 10x over the coming years.

Yet, as big as this news is… I believe it will catch millions of Americans by surprise.

By the time they realize what’s happening, it will be too late. But you don’t have to be one of them.

If you act today and follow my blueprint for this coming panic… You’ll have the chance to move the needle on your financial life.

Monetize Other People’s Market Fears

When the Merge creates a buying panic in Ethereum, it’ll invariably find its way into a small class of altcoins that also use the PoS method.

This class of altcoins will also rise in price in the panic… but unlike the average crypto, these tokens also make automatic payouts we call “crypto income.” (Longtime readers may also know them as “Tech Royalties.”)

These income payouts are somewhat similar to stock dividends. But you receive more of the underlying crypto instead of being paid in cash.

So you not only have an opportunity to see 3x, 5x, and even 10x returns on a small investment thanks to the PoS upgrade… you’ll also collect additional crypto income on top of those incredible gains.

It’s the explosive upside potential of small cryptos, with the added benefit of automatic income.

That’s why last week, I held a special briefing about these coins ahead of the coming panic.

During the briefing, I explained why I believe the Merge will create the opportunity to see 55 years’ worth of stock market gains – monthly – in the next 365 days.

(Plus, I provided my entire playbook on preparing for this coming panic, including a free recommendation… And it’s not Ethereum.)

That’s how you close the gap between the life you have and the life you want…. without putting your current lifestyle at risk or waiting decades for it to happen.

Friends, I know with everything that’s going on right now… you probably feel like tuning out and forgetting about the market for a while.

That’s the comfortable thing to do. I get it.

It’s what most people do in times of crisis. They get paralyzed and do nothing.

But hear me when I tell you…

Doing nothing right now is the worst thing you can possibly do. If you do nothing, I believe it’ll be one of the biggest financial mistakes of your life.

So, I want you to put your fears aside… Instead, I want you to monetize the fear of others.

Consider making Instant Cash Payout trades on blue-chip stocks… And then using a portion of the income to take small positions in crypto income tokens.

Let the Game Come to You!

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