Nick’s Note: I’m in Washington, D.C.—and all anyone wants to talk about is the Mueller report and what’s inside President Trump’s tax returns. Regular readers know I’m not a fan of politics. But in the pursuit of money-making opportunities, investors need to know what the government is up to. And right now, there’s a lot going on…

Democrats are looking for any reason to impeach the president. But former hedge fund manager and PBRG guru Teeka Tiwari says Trump has an ace up his sleeve that’ll boost the economy—and possibly his re-election chances, too…

By Nick Rokke, analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

Nick: T, you think the president is about to enact some policies that’ll make investors a lot of money.

But before we get to those, why do you think the mainstream media focuses on scandals like the Mueller report and Trump’s tax returns?

Teeka: They’re really just pandering to their audiences. Humans are wired to tune into those kinds of things.

For some, it’s exciting and intriguing to think that maybe the Russians helped Trump win the presidential election. And for others, it’s fun to bash such conspiracy theories. It creates heated debates and draws people in. The bottom line is, it increases viewership.

But that’s what all the journalists and TV anchors are trained to do. So it’s not entirely their fault.

After all, they don’t have 15 years of experience on Wall Street. They’ve never run a hedge fund. And they certainly don’t have the resources, connections, or knowledge that our publishing group has built up over the past 40 years.

Even if they did, they probably wouldn’t focus on money-making opportunities. Since it can be very complex to explain them, most people would just tune out.

It takes a special kind of person to read through the types of research reports we put out. It’s not for everyone. But as our readers have seen, if they follow our advice, they can make a lot of money.

Nick: Now, you just put out a report that President Trump has a plan for revenge against those wanting to oust him. [You can learn how to get Teeka’s report right here.]

In essence, it’s an economic stimulus plan. Can you explain what you mean by that?

Teeka: Sure… The economy is strong right now. And that’s mostly due to President Trump cutting back taxes and needless regulations—while also making the U.S. more business-friendly.

But there are forces out to prevent him from doing what’s necessary to strengthen the economy. Look at the Federal Reserve, for instance.

Its bureaucrats kept interest rates low for the entirety of President Obama’s term. But as soon as Trump took office, they started ratcheting up interest rates at nearly every Fed meeting.

In 2015, interest rates were near 0%. Today, they’re at 2.25%. Now, that may seem like a small move. But as the stock market showed us at the end of last year, when the Fed raises rates even a bit, it’s a big deal—one that worries investors.

And it’s not like the Fed needed to raise rates now. Inflation is the same as it was in 2011, which is when the Fed should’ve started raising rates. Yet it didn’t.

Instead, the Fed raised rates after Trump took office—not once… not twice… but six times. That’s no coincidence. And it directly led to the wreckage we had at the end of 2018. It was the worst fourth quarter for stocks since the Great Depression.

President Trump is angry about this—but he has a plan to thwart his critics.

Nick: How will he do that?

Teeka: There are four major policies President Trump is pushing that will unlock a lot of growth in the economy—which will be good for the stock market.

I don’t have time to go into all four today, but anyone wanting to learn about them can read my special report.

I will say that the biggest part of Trump’s plan is spending $1.5 trillion on infrastructure. I know we’ve written a little bit about this in the Daily. But I don’t think most people understand quite how bad our infrastructure actually is.

I really noticed it after visiting Hong Kong and Singapore last month… They’re light-years ahead of us in infrastructure.

In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the U.S. a D+ for its infrastructure—which includes highways, railways, airports, and shipping ports. Technically, it’s a “passing” grade. But where I’m from, that’s failing.

Look, parts of the U.S. look like Third World countries at this point. And it’s costing us.

So that’s why President Trump promised to rebuild and revitalize our nation’s infrastructure with a massive $1.5 trillion overhaul. And if you know the president, you know he gets what he wants.

In fact, Congress has already committed $144 billion to rebuilding the nation’s highways so far. And I expect that funding to increase.

Nick: Which companies will benefit the most from this spending?

Teeka: I believe I’ve found ones that will receive a bulk of the revenue from these projects, and I expect their shares to soar in value… But it wouldn’t be fair to paying subscribers to mention their names here.

Nick: It’s interesting that you’re big on infrastructure right now. Last week, I also talked to our Wall Street insider, Jason Bodner… And he said that for the first time ever, his trading system is showing large institutional buying in industrials.

So it looks like big-money institutions are starting to see what you’re seeing, too.

Teeka: That’s good to hear. Jason’s a very smart guy, and his system has an uncanny knack for finding the next hot sector.

Nick: Thanks for your time, T.

Teeka: You’re welcome.

Nick’s Note: As mentioned, the president has his fair share of critics…

They’ve bombarded him with subpoenas and threatened him with impeachment. And now, they’re even trying to go after “the economic security of America’s working families.”

But President Trump won’t let that happen. In fact, his new policies will even give you the chance to turn $250 into an absolute fortune. And to find out how, just go right here.

Meanwhile, has President Trump gone too far with his policies? Or not far enough? Let us know right here


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