Trying to create a retirement plan can be difficult and expensive for most people… But one way to make it easier is to buy low-cost index funds. They give you broad exposure to the market at a cheaper price. And don’t forget to own some gold, too… It’ll be a vital chaos hedge against some of the crackpot economic theories taking hold in Washington.

And if you’re looking for the latest trends out there, we’ve got you covered. One existing tech on our radar is artificial intelligence… Soon, it will even be in your toilet. Get the scoop below…

The Smart Toilet Is on the Way
We’re always researching new technologies to find money-making opportunities. And companies are putting this trending tech into every new device out there

The Question I Hate Most
This investing legend arguably did more than anyone else to help investors build their wealth. And there are still plenty of lessons we can learn from him—especially if you want to achieve a dignified retirement

What Dirty Socks Can Teach You About Stocks
Technical analysis can be confusing—and even intimidating. But if you take this approach to it, reading the charts won’t be nearly as hard as you think

The Grave Dancer Is Buying This Hated Asset
This billionaire mogul made a fortune specializing in flipping distressed real estate. So when he spots an asset left for dead, it’s usually a wise decision to join the party

Is She the Most Dangerous Woman in America?
At the Daily, we don’t usually get into politics—but we take notice when it has an effect on the markets. And this politician is pushing for policy that could be dangerous for the U.S. economy


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

Our Best-Selling Research

Surprising video footage explains Feb. 4 prediction
During the investment summit, I asked E.B. Tucker why he told folks to circle Monday, February 4, on their calendars.

His answer surprised me… And I’m pretty sure it will surprise you too.

Because of the time-sensitive nature of E.B.’s prediction, this presentation will be deactivated tomorrow.

Watch it here before it’s taken offline.

The $250,000 “13-X Trading Bonanza” (He Cracked the Code)
A legendary Wall Street trader just introduced an ingenious ploy to follow in the footsteps of Big Money.

He calls it the ‘13-X Trading System’.

Think of it as your reliable ‘cheat sheet’ to predict which stocks are about to skyrocketseveral days or weeks in advance.

How effective is it?

After running all the data in a historical trial from the last 7,140 trading days… the average gain from his top 150 plays was a rare 2,418%!

Click here now.

Strange new ATMs popping up across America
Urgent Warning for anyone living in Texas, Kansas, New York, Wyoming, California, New Hampshire, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Nevada, or Montana:

A strange new money may be coming to your state. Hundreds of strange new ATMs are popping up from the private sector. And Teeka Tiwari, America’s #1 currency expert, says this may lead 13 U.S. states to move towards issuing new “state money.” Will you be affected? And what does it mean for your savings in American dollars?

Get the full scoop here.