If you’re hoping this year can’t get much worse for the market, I’ve got bad news…

Speaking at a Q&A event this past Thursday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell said the central bank will keep raising interest rates “until the job is done.”

And if the Fed follows through, this month we’ll see a 75-basis-point hike… the fifth raise this year.

So, is this rate-hike frenzy actually curbing inflation?

The short answer is no.

Since the first hike of 2022 back on March 17, food costs rose 4.3% through July, according to the CPI for Food in U.S. Cities…

And as Daily editor Teeka Tiwari wrote last month, food shortages have many Americans worried for what’s next.

Meanwhile, gas prices are approaching what they were a year ago – but as we’ve seen before, that can change with a single political or natural disaster… like wars or a hurricane.

So, the Fed’s job clearly isn’t “done”… And Teeka’s New Order of Money theory means you need to rethink how you invest going forward.

That’s why this week, we shared new ways to help you prepare…

Because while we may not know exactly where the market is headed, Fed intervention all but guarantees we’ll see more volatility and pullbacks from here.


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily