In 1994, I watched the Federal Reserve take rates from 3% to 6%. In the process, they crushed my tech stocks…

That was bad enough… but then I made things worse and sold many of those stocks at the bottom.

It was a huge error. Because once the Fed ceased its rate raises, we had a bull market for the ages.

This time around, things are a little bit different.

On Wednesday, the Fed hiked rates 75 basis points to 3.25%, causing the market to lose its mind.

While everyone is fearful these rate hikes will tank the U.S. economy, the smartest money I know is using this volatility to go long in a small subsection of the crypto market.

American Express has put $155 million in this space… Citigroup is in for $215 million… BNY Mellon ponied up $600 million…

Add to that list Goldman Sachs, which came in for $698 million… Morgan Stanley for a billion… and money management behemoth BlackRock put up $1.1 billion just last month.

All to get exposure to this tiny subsection of the crypto market.

Friends, it might be a bear market in bonds, stocks, and 99% of cryptos… But we are experiencing a massive and sustained bull market in this small 1% sliver of the crypto market.

In just the last 90 days, three cryptos I recommended in this space have risen as much as 90%,145%, and 147%. On top of those capital gains, they have paid out yields on initial costs that have been as high as 155%.

My research suggests this is just the beginning of what could be the largest wealth grab in the history of crypto…

And it all has to do with the massive inflation ripping through the U.S. right now.

Negative Yields Are Creating Huge Losses

As of this writing, inflation is running at about 8.5%, but the 10-year bond only pays 3.5%.

That means you’re locking in an annual loss of 5% (the 3.5% bond yield minus 8.5% inflation)… while institutions are losing $50 million per year on every billion dollars they have in 10-year Treasurys.

And that’s on top of the losses they’re taking on their bond positions… because as rates go up, bond prices go down.

To get an idea of how bad those losses can get, take a look at Australia’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

According to a recent Reuters article, the RBA is insolvent because skyrocketing interest rates have pushed bond prices down.

How far down? According to Reuters, the RBA is sitting on more than $30 billion in losses on its bond portfolio.

It’s completely wiped out their cash reserve, but don’t cry for them just yet… They’re a central bank, so they can just print more money to cover their shortfalls.

Outside of central banks, no other institutions can do that. So, what are the world’s institutions supposed to do?

They need to find an asymmetric hedge that can bail them out of the income losses they’re facing.

That’s where a certain subsector of the crypto market comes into play…

Crypto Income With Massive Upside

“Tech Royalties” are a subsector of crypto that pay you “crypto income” yields in the 12%, 15%, and even 20%-plus range… just for buying and holding them.

(Think stock dividends, but the payout is in the underlying crypto instead of cash.)

These yields are easily eclipsing the current inflation rate of 8.5%… So institutions are falling all over themselves to get exposure to them.

On top of that, these cryptos have massive potential upside.

Back on December 12, 2018, I brought a handful of these ideas to my readers’ attention. Within two years, my readers made over $1,000 per month on five small $250 investments.

Then on March 18, 2019, I came to my readers again with another five crypto income coins…

Within two years, my readers were making as much as $11,060 per month on an initial investment of just $1,250 ($250 per position).

That’s why earlier this week, I came to my readers with a third crypto-income opportunity… To tell them about five new “Crypto Comeback” coins.

I believe these five cryptos could eclipse anything I’ve done to date in the crypto income arena.

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