This past week in the Daily, we revisited one of our favorite asset classes of the past couple years—cryptocurrencies. Specifically, we talked about the big institutional money that could soon hit the markets and how to protect your gains.

Then, to close out the week, we discussed the smartest moves to make in equities today…

JPMorgan’s New “Bitcoin Bible” Will Convert Wall Street to Cryptos
After trashing bitcoin for years, JPMorgan and CEO Jamie Dimon are changing their tune on the crypto market. In fact, the banking giant just published new research that could convert Wall Street as well

How to Lose All Your Crypto Gains in 15 Minutes
There’s a new scam floating around the internet that wants to cut and run with your crypto assets. Here’s how to stop the scammers from getting their hands on them

A Crypto Investor’s “Holy Grail”
JPMorgan’s “Bitcoin Bible” has Wall Street looking at cryptos in a whole new light. In fact, portfolio managers might soon be looking to bitcoin to improve their risk-adjusted returns

The World’s Smartest Investors Are Following Our Advice
One of our favorite ways to keep up with the “smart money” is by following their trading activity… But this time, it seems like the “smart money” has been following us

Traders: These Bearish Indicators Signal a 12% Drop
Right now, we see a signal that’s warning of a 12% drop in the market. This ominous signal has been very reliable in the past… and it’s backed up by something even more bearish


Nick Rokke, CFA
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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The System on This Thumb Drive Has Located 129 Triple-Digit Windfalls
8 of the world’s largest banks have tried to acquire it from me. (I’ve turned them all down.) Here’s why—and what this system indicates is heading your way this Tuesday.

China Steals “Doomsday Technology” from Indiana Factory
The Chinese have been thieves for decades. According to CBS News, Chinese spies cost the U.S. more than two million jobs…

But Beijing’s latest act of espionage has put all 323 million Americans at risk. You see, China "stole" a U.S. military "kill switch" on American soil. Now the Pentagon is terror-stricken because China’s leader could shut down the U.S. armed forces in seconds… right from his official residence.

CIA director Mike Pompeo admits, it’s "a very real concern."

But there’s one way America could fight back. And it gives patriotic Americans a quick opportunity to capture 1,127% gains in months. Click here for the full story.

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