“I’ve invested over $2 million of my own money in Legacy and couldn’t be happier…”

That was Mark’s quote from this Wednesday’s Directors’ Call. Once per quarter, we open our directors’ meetings to our “partners” in our business: Palm Beach Infinity subscribers.

One of the highlights of Wednesday’s call concerned the Legacy Portfolio. Regular Daily readers know Legacy investing is the safest, most certain way to amass a fortune in stock investing. That’s because the Legacy approach is the same as “superinvestor” Warren Buffett’s: Buy the greatest businesses in the world when they present good valuations. Then let their ever-increasing dividend streams compound your wealth over time.

As you might expect… Mark loves this approach. It’s been his “baby” since he first asked Tom to design this program for him in 2012. Now Mark’s decided to bring the Legacy Portfolio into his own “franchise” within the Palm Beach Research Group.

Beginning this month, Legacy joins Creating Wealth and The Wealth Builders Club as one of Mark’s premier wealth-building services. His team is “plugging in” additional enhancements to the service right now. These include:

  • A Legacy options-trading component

  • The addition of “junior” Legacy stocks (smaller companies that exhibit all the Legacy criteria, but with room for larger growth)

  • An annual in-person Legacy “shareholder” meeting, just like Warren Buffett’s annual conclave

  • And much more…

If you’re an Infinity subscriber and you missed Wednesday’s call, be sure to check your inbox for a link to the full recording. For others interested in becoming Legacy investors… stay tuned. You’ll hear more about this opportunity soon.

Some of the PBRG “brain trust” assembles at Mark’s private cigar bar to discuss our multilevel enhancement of The Legacy Portfolio.

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