The fear-inducing headlines have kept investor sentiment running negative… But it also means stocks are trading at some of their lowest valuations in years—and buying stocks at a discount is how rational investors make money.

At the Daily, we want to buy low and sell high. So this week, we showed you a few places to consider building positions in now—including a beaten-down retailer, 10 dividend-payers, and more…

Teeka Tiwari on If the U.S. Is Headed for Recession
Market volatility remains the major financial storyline as we enter 2019. But all the bad news could actually be creating a buying opportunity

This Retailer Took a Beating Last Year—Buy It Now
Not all retailers are made the same—but this one is poised to benefit from changing consumer habits. And we think it has “money-making opportunity” written all over it

10 Dividend-Paying Stocks Every Investor Should Own This Year
Last month’s sell-off dragged down safer stocks, but created an attractive entry point for dividend-payers. Here’s how you can add some of the highest yielders to your portfolio

Why You Should Buy Gold Coins from Jewelry Stores
Physical gold could be the one asset that still has value when you badly need it. And there’s an under-the-radar way you probably haven’t considered for building a valuable gold coin collection

Does This Look Like a Recession to You?
Predictions of a 2019 recession are coming in from all over the world. But all the doomsayers are wrong—this market pullback is actually a fire sale for quality companies


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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