With the markets covered in red, it’s a tough time to be an investor. But the long-term outlook for cryptos and stocks is still bright. The recent pullbacks are only short-term in nature… You just have to ride them out.

So this week, we showed you where you can shelter your money from this turbulence we’re seeing, as well how to prepare for Income Exodus. The rundown is below…

Teeka Tiwari on $40,000 Bitcoin
In this interview, Teeka tells us why bitcoin has been struggling—and what needs to happen before it begins to climb higher again.

Ignore the Fear and Stay in Cryptos and Stocks
Market downturns are hard to stomach. So what’s an investor to do? First, realize that we’ve been here before. Then, look at the big picture

Here’s How Much Cash You Should Set Aside
There’s a place for cash in your portfolio, especially during periods of uncertainty like we’re experiencing now. Here’s how much you should allocate

Three Companies Subscribers Like and Investors Will Love
Microsoft reclaimed its spot as the largest publicly traded U.S. company by changing its business models. And these three companies are following in its footsteps

The Wall Street Insider on What the Big Guys Are Buying Today
The recent market sell-off has made some investors nervous. But our Wall Street insider tells us what to do about the volatility


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

P.S. For the first time ever, self-made millionaires and “founding fathers” of the financial publishing industry—Mark Ford, Doug Casey, and Bill Bonner—got together on camera for a candid conversation about investing, the economy, and their business…

In addition, Mark revealed where he’s investing his own money based on Doug and Bill’s analysis.

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