When I first started researching non-fungible tokens (NFTs), I saw no real use case for them. That’s what tripped me up. I’ve always told you it’s usage that drives value.

But what I’ve come to discover is that NFT usage is about to explode higher. It all has to do with a new way of interacting with the internet called the “metaverse.”

The metaverse is the name given to a virtual world where people can interact as digital avatars.

It will be an immersive experience in which we interact with the internet and each other in sensory-rich environments delivered to us via augmented and virtual reality.

Last month, centibillionaire Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rebranded his entire company “Meta” to put himself at the forefront of this trend. And he’s committing $10 billion per year to make his Meta platform the primary entry point into the metaverse.

And Zuckerberg isn’t alone. Jensen Huang, founder of global chipmaker Nvidia, believes the metaverse economy will eventually be bigger than the real-world economy.

Here’s what he told Yahoo Finance in a November 12 interview:

The economy of the virtual world will be much, much bigger than the economy of the physical world.

You’re going to have more cars built and designed in virtual worlds, you’ll have more buildings, more roads, more houses – more hats, more bags, more jackets. (Emphasis added.)

Then there’s Nike, which is launching “CryptoKicks.”

You guessed it… They’re sneakers for your avatar to wear in the metaverse.

Parents already spend hundreds of dollars on the coolest sneakers for their kids. And I’ll tell you this… They’ll spend hundreds of dollars more on digital versions as well.

And if little Johnny’s parents won’t pay for them, he’ll mow lawns in the real world so he can buy a pair of Nike CryptoKicks to show off in the digital world of the metaverse.

The metaverse is destined to become the new center of social interaction the way the local pub has been for centuries… the way the TV was for decades, the way the early internet chat boards were in the 1990s, and how Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are now.

It’s a megatrend of broad applications that will lure the entire world into its seductive maw… In the same way the smartphone has eaten the attention of almost 6 billion people.

Soon, we’ll all be plugged into this technology in an entirely new and transformative way.

Still Think the Metaverse Is Stupid?

I don’t blame you if you think the idea of a metaverse is insane. Until recently, I did, too. Then I remembered the “old” world of the early ‘90s.

Imagine you’re back in 1991. And someone told you, “In 20 years, billions of people will buy and sell trillions of dollars’ worth of goods over the internet.”

Would you have believed them?

Well, I was there in 1991. And I remember people saying, “That’s crazy. I would never trust putting my credit card details online… I would never buy a pair of shoes online… I would never buy groceries online… I would never buy movie tickets online.”

Fast forward to today, and e-commerce has grown from virtually non-existent in 1991 to a global $4.9 trillion market in 2021.

That’s bigger than the global energy exploration and production industry, including oil majors, metals mining, and construction industries.

And e-commerce giant Amazon – which began as an online bookstore in 1994 – is now the fourth-most valuable U.S. company by market cap.

For many people, the metaverse sounds just as crazy as online commerce did back in 1991. After all, the name metaverse comes from merging the “real” and “virtual” worlds into one “meta” reality.

That sounds like science fiction and marketing gobbledygook. And maybe two years ago, it was. But now, it’s a very real and very investible trend.

And NFTs will be the key to unlocking it. Already, you can use NFTs to:

  • Exchange “virtual” products for their real-world analogs.

  • Prove ownership of real-world assets, like cars, paintings, or real estate.

  • Play games or complete quests that reward you in digital assets you can use elsewhere.

Again, if you’re new to this, I get that it sounds outrageous… But it’s happening right now.

I’ve done the deep research. And like I told you about bitcoin in 2016… the metaverse trend is unstoppable. It doesn’t care if you believe in it or not. It’s happening right now, and it’s picking up steam.

But the good news is this trend is still in its early stages…

The Huge Catalyst

With Facebook (now Meta), Nike, and even Visa supporting NFTs, onboarding billions of people into the metaverse will happen much faster than the rate of bitcoin adoption.

It’s taken 12 years to reach 200 million bitcoin users. I believe the adoption rate of NFTs will be even faster than that.

And there’s one very important catalyst I believe will kick it into overdrive.

Behind the scenes, Meta is working on Novi, its crypto wallet. And the plan is to unify all existing and future payments and financial services under the Novi brand. In fact, shortly after the rebranding, Meta partnered with Coinbase to build out Novi.

I can’t begin to tell you how huge this is. Soon, all of Facebook’s nearly 3 billion users will have access to a crypto wallet.

Do you see how this could fast-track the adoption of NFTs (and crypto in general) at a pace no one could have forecasted?

That’s why we need to get into the NFT space now – while less than 5 million Americans own them.

That’s fewer than the number of Americans using bitcoin when I first recommended it in 2016… So we’re still very early in this trend.

How I’m Fixing My Biggest Mistake

Friends, I know you think the metaverse is far in the future. So did I, and I was wrong.

Even if you don’t fully understand it yet, you must start investing in it because we have a very narrow window of opportunity. The world is waking up to the metaverse. The biggest money will be made by getting in early.

If you sat on the sidelines and waited until you fully understood blockchain technology, you missed out on life-changing gains.

You don’t have to make the same mistake twice.

Check out the P.S. below and find out exactly how I’m putting my subscribers in the center of this massive trend before it goes mainstream.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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