Let me ask you a question…

Did you invest in Meta… Airbnb… or Uber… when they were still private companies?

If you’re like 99.9% of people, the answer is no.

You couldn’t. You never had the chance to. You probably didn’t even know they existed.

The reality is only the rich and connected – venture capitalists and Wall Street insiders – get a shot at investing in opportunities like these.

I know because I’m one of them…

I’ve made millions investing in private companies.

It’s how I saw a less than 10-cent-per-share investment reach $1.03… a 12-cent investment reach $161… and another less than 10-cent investment reach $3.43.

Now, most people know me as the analyst voted “No. 1 most-trusted person in crypto.”

But I actually cut my teeth at the brokerage houses of Wall Street’s top investment banks.

In 1991, I was the youngest vice president in Shearson Lehman history. And for anyone who doesn’t know, Shearson Lehman was a key player in the initial public offering (IPO) market for a century.

From Shearson Lehman, I went to Cowen & Co. And it was recently ranked one of the top IPO banks in the world.

Here’s why I’m telling you this…

We’re about to see a new boom in the IPO tech market. The big money is coming in hot and heavy.

And if you position yourself early, you could set yourself up to achieve financial freedom this year.

The Next Big Tech Boom

The next big tech boom will involve the metaverse.

Here’s what I mean…

The first year of the dot-com boom was roughly a $100 billion wealth-creation event.

The smart money estimates we’ll see $1 trillion per year flooding into the metaverse over the next 8 years.

So do the math. Over the next 365 days, the metaverse market could be 10x the size of the dot-com boom. That’s the type of opportunity in front of us.

In fact, it’s the biggest money grab I’ve seen on Wall Street in 22 years. The last time I saw a money grab like this was the IPO boom of 1999.

An IPO is when a private company lists its stock on a public exchange. It’s a major milestone for most companies.

Going public lets a company tap into a deep pool of money on the market. It also makes it easier to use shares for buyouts and employee compensation.

The last mega wave of IPOs came during 1995–1999. We saw companies like Amazon, eBay, and Nvidia go public. Today, they’re some of the biggest tech names in the world.

At their IPOs, they were barely on the radar of most investors. But even if you had bought them on IPO day, you wouldn’t have seen the same returns as private investors and Wall Street insiders.

That’s because most people don’t know the right way to get into an IPO… Wall Street is leading you down the wrong path.

The Question You Need to Answer

Above, I asked you a simple question: Did you invest in Meta… Airbnb… or Uber… while they were still private companies?

Here’s why I asked that question…

The tech boom made a lot of money for a lot of people… even for folks on Main Street.

If you bought Meta, Airbnb, or Uber on the day they went public, you’d be sitting on gains of 774%, 148%, and down 4% today, respectively.

Not bad.

But if you were well-connected or knew an insider, you would’ve seen life-changing gains.

For example, those who bought those companies before they went public would have seen gains of 942,941%, 1,685,700%, and 4,778,789%, today.

That’s the power of what I call the “Blueprint” path.

As I’ve written in this space over the past two weeks, there are two paths to the IPO market: What I call the “Hype Hole” and “Blueprint” paths.

The Hype Hole path is when you buy a private company on the day it goes public – IPO day. The Blueprint path is when you buy a private company before it goes public – sometimes called a pre-IPO deal.

The Hype Hole is the one most retail investors are sucked into. The Blueprint is the one Wall Street elites and well-connected Silicon Valley insiders use to make their fortunes.

Going down the Hype Hole path could take you decades to achieve your Freedom Number… or the amount of money you need for the life you want right now.

But if you take the Blueprint path, you could hit it this year.

The Hype Hole is the path 99.99% of people use to buy IPOs. And all through this metaverse IPO boom, Wall Street will continue to put retail investors down this path.

Here’s how it works…

Wall Street dupes you into buying their stock by giving you – and make no mistake, they are giving this to you – a double or, if they’re feeling generous, a triple.

Meanwhile, they’re making billions and billions of dollars. They’re making tens of thousands of percent.

With the metaverse set to be technology’s next frontier, it’s critical to position yourself in the right Blueprint ideas.

That’s why last week, I held my first big event of the year: Freedom 2022.

During this livestream event, I shared details about my first-ever Blueprint deal in the metaverse. It’s a world-class operator in the world’s oldest pastimes. But it’s laying the groundwork for a move into virtual gaming.

You can click here to watch the replay. But you must act now.

This Blueprint deal could go public this year. And that means you could potentially hit your Freedom Number in 365 days or less.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily