This week, the market’s focus shifted as the world continues to wake up and reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic…

And while meme stocks like AMC and GameStop continued to make headlines, the Nasdaq told a different story… Financial and health care stocks are the now best performing, with financials breaking even on the week and health care down about 0.5%.

Meanwhile, tech stocks trailed slightly behind with a 0.9% loss.

While a market pullback can be concerning, these losses are small… And here at PBRG, we choose to focus on the bigger picture: that technology and innovation are a driving force behind some of the biggest market winners to date.

And according to Daily regular and tech investing expert Jeff Brown, some of the biggest winners on the horizon can be found in a small batch of Silicon Valley “Penny IPOs.”

It’s a stunning secret Wall Street has been hiding from you… a subsector of the market that has vastly outperformed the Nasdaq by several times over… made up of stocks that can quickly jump up by as much as 381%, 617%, 939%, and 1,008%.

And it has nothing to do with SPACs, Reg-A deals, private placements, options, or anything like that.

So when Jeff shared the details with us here at the Daily, we knew we had to pass it along to our readers…

This Wednesday, June 23 at 8 p.m. ET, Jeff is holding a special in-the-field event in Silicon Valley to share what could be his most important announcement ever.

If Jeff’s right, this sector of the stock market might be one of the last bastions of serious wealth creation left in America… and one that could get you started on the path to a 7-figure portfolio.

And the best part is… you do NOT need to be an accredited investor to get involved.

For more details on Jeff’s free “Penny IPO” special event, click here to reserve your spot… Then read on for the latest moneymaking opportunities in tech and beyond…


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily