2022 has been a tough year, to say the least.

Inflation is out of control, with the price of seemingly everything skyrocketing.

Despite the recent rally, many stocks are still down by at least 50%… We’ve seen a complete meltdown in the crypto market… And the worst bond-market collapse in at least a half-century.

But friends, let me tell you this: There’s a new crisis on the horizon. One that will catch most Americans by surprise.

It’s bigger than a recession… Bigger than inflation… And bigger than a stock market crash.

Even The Economist recently predicted this crisis would lead to “a catastrophe.”

I know it seems like our country is already going to hell in a handbasket. So I can’t blame you if you’re thinking: “Tiwari, can things really get any worse?”

Yes. They can…

Longtime readers know I’m not an alarmist. I will never write cheap headlines just to scare you… But I believe things will get a lot worse for those who don’t prepare.

Because the last time we saw a crisis of this magnitude ignored by so many “smart” people, millions of Americans lost their homes… Millions more lost their jobs… Untold numbers saw their retirement accounts wiped out.

And by the time someone sounded the alarm, it was too late…

A Slow-Motion Catastrophe

Think back to the run up to the 2008 Great Financial Crisis…

In hindsight, the conditions that set it in motion seem crystal clear.

But many so called “experts” missed the warning signs… repeatedly.

Even Wall Street bankers, the Fed, banking regulators, politicians, and economists all failed to see what was brewing.

Just like now, the world’s elites were asleep at the wheel…

In 2007, the Fed thought problems in housing and banking were isolated and unlikely to tear down the U.S. economy.

As crisis signals started flashing red, Fed officials believed the troubles would be moderate and short-lived.

According to official transcripts from an August 2007 emergency phone call, former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner – president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank at the time – said that Wall Street was doing fine…

We have no indication that the major, more diversified institutions are facing any funding pressure. In fact, some of them report what we classically see in a context like this, which is that money is flowing to them.

Then-Fed Chair Ben Bernanke also underestimated the risks…

“I do not expect insolvency or near insolvency among major financial institutions,” he said in December 2007.

Millions of Americans relied on these comforting words by the Fed chair and failed to heed the warnings from me and others about the market carnage to come. I remember co-writing a report in early 2007 called “You’re Being Fattened Up For The Kill.”

In that report, my fellow authors and I attempted to warn our readers of the coming housing collapse and the attendant financial horrors that would follow.

But who were we to contradict the “experts” when the soothing words of the Fed were telling everyone what they wanted to hear.

Less than a year later, Lehman Brothers imploded, leading to the most spectacular bankruptcy in U.S. history… The market plunged nearly 5% the following day.

The first year of the Great Recession wiped out nearly $2.4 trillion in retirement savings… An estimated 2.3 million people lost their homes… And nearly 9 million people lost their jobs.

Here’s the thing about the Great Recession, though… The warning signs were there.

As far back as 2001, credit analysts knew subprime loans were a ticking time bomb… and by December 2007, the entire subprime market was teetering.

The first rumblings came in February 2007, when British bank HSBC set aside $1.7 billion because of problems in its U.S. subprime lending business… and the 9.0 magnitude earthquake came when Lehman Brothers collapsed.

In between, we had Wall Street, the Fed, and our politicians tell us, “Nothing to see here. Move along.”

Just like today, they downplayed the alarmists. Called them Chicken Littles.

But those who didn’t heed the warnings lost their jobs… their homes… and their retirement savings.

You Need to Prepare Now

I’m no Nervous Nellie. I’m an optimist who believes in the American spirit of free enterprise.

I made my fortune here, and like Warren Buffett, I believe America will experience even greater economic prosperity in the future.

It’s why I continue to invest millions of my own dollars into American real estate, private companies, and America’s public stock market.

I also believe in being brutally honest. And the truth is we’re headed for a catastrophe that the mainstream press isn’t talking about.

It’s not the collapse of the U.S. dollar… a market crash… a pandemic… the moral decline of America… or even another recession.

It’s a different slow-moving catastrophe that’s gathering steam. Just like we saw with the 2008 housing crisis.

And once again, the elites are asleep at the wheel.

The same people who got the housing crisis wrong in 2008… the same people who called inflation “transitory” in 2021… and the media that nodded their collective heads in agreement… are missing a crisis of biblical proportions that’s unfolding before their very eyes.

That’s why on Wednesday, August 24, at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding a special briefing called Countdown to Catastrophe to help you prepare.

During this event, I’ll share details about a company helping to solve this crisis. It’s a type of investment outside of the stock market…

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It’s a pick that’s crash-proof, inflation-proof, and recession-proof… But you’ll need to act before this catastrophe hits.

Friends, I can’t stress this enough. This crisis is imminent. And no amount of government money-printing can fix it. You need to prepare now.

So come join me on Wednesday, August 24 at 8 p.m. ET and I’ll share my entire blueprint (for free) for surviving this crisis and coming out wealthier on the other side.

Let the Game Come to You!

Big T

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