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$  MUST-SEE by November 7: “The Casey Gold Method”
Experts are predicting a gold mania in the coming months. But please… don’t buy “ordinary” gold stocks. This week, we’re sharing a radically different approach called the Casey Method… which allows you to buy gold stocks for as little as pennies, for a chance to make 5 times your money. To learn more, click here before Monday, November 7.


  We’re seeing the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history…

In 2017, nearly $125 billion in junk bonds will come due. If we’re in a recession next year… look out. All of these debts will be seen as unfinanceable. The default rate across the sector will approach 10%.

But don’t think of it as a crisis. Think of it as a reckoning. The foolish and spendthrift are going to learn a lesson. And the wise and patient will reap their fair reward.

It’s going to be an incredible show… And you can get a front row seat to the collapse right here


$  The Fastest (Legal) Way to Make a Fortune
It’s called “Subversive Income.” Now, many people shy away from using this income technique. Not because it’s immoral, or illegal. But because it seems difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth. Click here to find out more.


  “When people realize that most governments are bankrupt… they’ll flock to gold…”

When people get gold fever, they’re not just driven by greed, they’re usually driven by fear as well… so you get both of the most powerful market motivators working for you at once. It’s a rare class of securities that can benefit from fear and greed all at once.

Legendary gold speculator Doug Casey says the Fed’s reckless “money printing” is creating a huge bubble in gold mining stocks and he’s “buying them aggressively”… When the gold bubble is ignited, “odds are excellent we’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.”

Doug thinks the combination of fear and greed could push gold mining stocks up 10, 50, or even 100 times… Get his in-depth analysis right here.


$  This “White Oil” chart goes STRAIGHT UP… but there’s trillions more where it came from
If you click this link, you’ll see everything from fiery explosions, to a secret 21st-century Cold War, to a world-famous billionaire wetting his pants. But maybe all you need to see is this simple chart. And if the gains that White Oil has made this year make your mouth water—a top venture capitalist is now predicting that this sector is about to explode 33,700% (or more). CLICK HERE NOW to get the full story before Wall St. does.


  WWJD: Would Jesus pull the lever for either Trump or Clinton?

Close your eyes and imagine Jesus Christ in the voting booth. For whom would he cast his ballot?

Longtime PBRG friend Bill Bonner mixes religion and politics in another witty thought exercise that exposes the hypocrisies in both. But be forewarned… It’s an entertaining—and some may say controversial—ride.


$  Even if Hillary Beats Trump This November, She LOSES…
Does it really matter if Hillary comes out on top in the election? Maybe not. Because, guess what… According to a new finding by an ex-advisor to the CIA and Pentagon… winning the White House may work out to be a DISASTER for Hillary. No, it’s got nothing to do with her husband’s scandals… or the unwinnable War on Terror. It’s a whole different kind of threat, one even she didn’t count on. Click this link and find out what it is. Hillary must be terrified…


  New study finds the best way to treat prostate cancer may be not to treat it at all…

In a study published by The New England Journal of Medicine last month, researchers followed 1,643 prostate cancer patients for 10 years. All the subjects had localized prostate cancer. The men were assigned at random to one of three groups.

One group had surgery. Another had radiation. The third had no treatment, but were monitored by their doctors.

The death rates in all three groups were identical: 1%. In other words, having no treatment could be just as effective as disruptive surgery or radiation treatment. Doctors are calling this new hands-off treatment “active surveillance.” Learn how it works right here.


$  112 Billionaires Buying Gold in Anticipation of December Announcement
All over the news, billionaires like George Soros and John Paulson are buying gold hand over fist. But unknown to the mainstream media, a group of 112 billionaires are poised to begin a historic gold buying spree. They’re preparing for a major December announcement that could rock markets… And spark a $3 TRILLION wave of buying that sends gold to $5,000, virtually overnight. There’s no time to sit on this one. Click here for the full story.


  The War on Cash is turning paper money into piles of garbage…

Egypt recently devalued its currency by 32% in one day. And Venezuela’s currency has lost so much of its value that people have given up on counting the notes—they just weigh piles of cash in plastic garbage bags.

The Palm Beach Letter’s Teeka Tiwari says there’s a vicious global War on Cash going on… and if you’re sitting on piles of paper money, you’re making a big mistake.

In today’s must-see 3-Minute Market Minder, Teeka tells you which asset classes you should hold to diversify and protect your wealth.

  The War on Cash is turning paper money into piles of garbage…