President Trump’s tax cuts are having a ripple effect across the markets as multinational companies like Apple pass the savings on to shareholders via increased dividends or stock buybacks. The same will be true for Big Pharma.

But instead of buying back shares or raising dividends, the drug industry will go a different route—and it will be profitable for investors in this niche sector…

Teeka Tiwari on the Next Wave of Crypto Investing
Cryptocurrencies are the medium of exchange on the blockchain. Some are like money. Others you can use to trade assets. Today, we’re seeing cryptos split into two additional types of coins. Combined, they’ll take this new asset class even higher

Avoid These Blockchain Imposters—Part 2
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are one of Wall Street’s most popular vehicles. Most track an index or sector of the market. But you must be careful when buying them… Their names don’t always reflect their holdings. We’re seeing that happen with blockchain ETFs

How to Profit From the Biotech Buyout Bonanza
President Trump’s one-time tax break will inject a huge infusion of cash into the biotech industry… Companies can use that influx of capital to increase dividends, buy back shares, or invest in improvements. Here’s what we think they’ll do instead

These Nine Takeover Targets Are Ripe for the Picking
President Trump wants to cut regulations that contribute to excessive drug prices. Slashing red tape will speed up approval times and lower costs. Those savings will go to companies’ bottom lines, making them attractive—and lucrative—buyout targets

Gold Stocks Are Poised for One Big Push Higher
We still have about two weeks left in the seasonally strong period for gold stocks. That period started in mid-December and runs until mid-February. But for gold stocks to continue their rise, we need to see this happen first


Nick Rokke, CFA
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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Scientist Studying Ancient Bacteria Stumbles Upon the Key To DNA
Now the technology is moving faster than ever.

On February 27th, a small company could announce it cured a specific type of lung cancer…

This announcement could rapidly grow this tiny industry 35,000%!

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Controversial Entrepreneur Disrupting the $6.7 Billion Legal Marijuana Industry
He’s already co-founded one billion-dollar cannabis company. Now he’s revolutionizing the marijuana market again with a radical new business. His new company is leading the way to the biggest marijuana boom we’ve ever seen. Investors have the chance to make life-changing money. Here’s the whole story you’ll find nowhere else.