This bearish market indicator just hit an all-time high

A key market sentiment indicator just hit “mania” level…

Zero Hedge reports Deutsche Bank’s “market emotion indicator” posted an all-time high.

[The indicator tracks the relationship between the S&P 500’s price-to-earnings (P/E) (share price divided by earnings per share) ratio and the volatility index (or “VIX”). The higher the difference between the two measures, the more likely a market correction is imminent.]

For the last 18 months, the indicator has rested in the “complacency” category (1.3) overall. But on May 21, the indicator spiked to 1.49. It’s an all-time high. The last time the indicator hit these levels was late 2007… right before the financial crisis crashed the markets.

bearish market indicator

Regular Daily readers know emotional extremes often lead to market reversals.

Picture a crowded fishing boat. Everything is fine as long as the anglers stay spread out all along the rails. But once everyone crowds onto one side… the boat flips over. Everyone winds up soaked.

Right now, Deutsche Bank’s indicator shows all the market’s “fishermen” crowded onto the bullish side of the boat. Don’t be surprised to see a downside reversal from here.

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