If you’ve followed the crypto space for a while, you’re probably familiar with Michael Saylor.

He’s the founder of MicroStrategy. The company was the first to convert fiat holdings on its balance sheet to bitcoin back in August 2020. And it’s continued to buy since then.

On Wednesday, Saylor disclosed that his company had purchased 1,045 BTC for about $29.3 million in cash. That’s an average price of about $28,016.

According to Yahoo! Finance, MicroStrategy’s recent purchase puts its total BTC holdings at about 140,000 (about $4 billion)… at a cost-basis of $29,803.

Right now, it may appear Saylor made a bad bet on bitcoin. After all, his company’s bitcoin holdings are down $260 million.

But like the Daily, Saylor is a long-term bitcoin bull…

Over the coming years, he predicts bitcoin will be worth $1 million. That’s a 3,478% gain from today.

And according to Daily editor Teeka Tiwari, right now might be the last time you can get bitcoin at these prices.

You see, Teeka believes when bitcoin enters its next bull run, it will break its previous all-time high of near $70,000. That’s almost 3x from today’s prices.

If Teeka is right, this could be the last significant Crypto Winter we ever see… along with your last shot at life-changing crypto gains.

So you want to take advantage of these relatively low prices to build your stack in the most-promising crypto projects.

Recently, Teeka held a special event to show you where these promising ideas are. It involves a tiny subsector of crypto set to explode when the bull market resumes…

To learn more about Teeka’s “Final Call” in crypto, click here.


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily