Of course, that man is Mark Ford…

As we mentioned in the March 31 Daily, our friend James Altucher stopped by last week. James is the host of the No. 1 podcast on iTunes, The James Altucher Show. He conducted a fascinating two-part interview with Mark at his beachfront home.

In it, James presses Mark to give him a step-by-step plan for “leaving the cubicle.” It may be one of the most valuable “how-to” guides for quitting your old job—on your terms—and starting a new life of financial freedom and personal contentment.

Catch part one of this blueprint for a better life, for free, right here (Episode 102). And if you like what you hear, you can learn more about James’ brand-new personal empowerment newsletter, The Altucher Report, right here.

James and his wife Claudia get a tour of Mark’s home after the interview.