The big news this week was on the crypto market’s coming “Second Boom”… an imminent series of catalysts that should propel the cryptocurrency markets to new all-time highs this year. Look to this week’s essays for the best ways to play this trend.

We also took time to speak with PBRG friend and 19-time Emmy Award winner John Stossel, who shares a free-market perspective on President Trump’s trade tariffs…

Teeka Tiwari on the Crypto “Kingmaker”
Recently, I spoke to Palm Beach Confidential editor Teeka Tiwari about his private meetings with the mysterious “Kingmaker,” a key player in the cryptocurrency space. Here’s what he told Teeka about about an important, upcoming event

Why the World’s Largest Investor Is Interested in Cryptocurrencies
Trillions of dollars are headed to the cryptocurrency space in 2018. And the world’s largest investment manager is kicking off this trend

The Backdoor Way to Play the Cryptocurrency Boom
There’s a massive supply shortage of one of the key computer components holding up the cryptocurrency market. And these three companies are poised to skyrocket as they meet the demand

Why This 19-Time Emmy Winner Thinks Trump’s Tariffs Are Bad News
One of the biggest stories this month has been President Trump’s trade tariffs on steel and aluminum. The move’s been polarizing to the financial world, so we reached out to free-market specialist John Stossel for his take

China’s Bargaining Chips Are About to Soar Through the Roof
China is in a unique position to restrict a material critical to the growth of the electric vehicle market. Here’s how you should play this trend


Nick Rokke, CFA
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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Details on the “next Bitcoin” – Buy this top crypto pick now
This crypto has a market cap well under $100 million… but it recently flashed the same buy signal as two other cryptos that soared 208% in three months… and 1,522% in eight months. For the next few days only, you can get all the details here.

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Guess Who’s About to Lose Power in America…
A chain of events affecting every American will be set in motion starting on May 1st, 2018..

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