Regular readers know we search far and wide for the biggest trends in the markets—and there are plenty flying under the radar now…

While you may know about the growth in the sports betting industry, we’re looking for companies that will disrupt this space and make billions doing so… Plus, the peculiar demise of a crypto mogul serves as a teaching moment for crypto investors.

But an even bigger story lies in the rapid growth of megamergers—multibillion-dollar acquisitions and buyouts. And 2019 is setting up to be a record year for merger and acquisition activity. You won’t want to miss out, so read on below to find out how to profit from it…

Wall Street Insider: How the Kennedys Really Got Rich
According to lore, the patriarch of the Kennedy dynasty made a fortune by bootlegging. But how he actually cemented the family’s legacy shows that the best way to profit as a trader is to do this

I Lost My $20 Super Bowl Bet And Learned This…
Placing a bet on the Super Bowl involved a lot of hassles. Yet, it’s a sign of profits ahead for this industry that’s ripe for disruption

How to Trade Like Gordon Gekko—Without Breaking the Law
We’re always searching for ways to help you safely achieve a dignified retirement. And one of them is to use this little-known hedge-fund strategy

Three Keys to Finding Megamergers
Big companies wanting to aggressively grow their businesses will start looking for juicy targets to buy. But how do we identify those targets before they do?

Teeka Tiwari on the Curious Death of Crypto Millionaire Gerald Cotten
A recent crypto millionaire’s death reads like a movie script with its mysterious details. It’s a real-life story that’s even stranger than fiction


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Man Who Predicted Trump’s Victory Makes NEW Shocking Prediction
He was one of the few who predicted Trump would win the Presidential election.

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Will this new technology be the end of cable companies?
Big internet service providers (ISPs) have been holding America hostage for years, making tons of money off average citizens for their pitifully slow Wi-Fi services.

But there’s an “invisible” revolution going on right now – one that many promising, small tech companies have joined.

This new technology is fast enough to replace Wi-Fi once and for all. Simply put, it’s the biggest technological shift you’ll see this decade and it will change just about everything…

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