At PBRG, our mission is to help regular folk build their wealth. And all week, Daily editor Teeka Tiwari pounded the table on his newest strategy to do just that…

It took him two years of research to find this trading method… but it can make $12,000 per month with just a few seconds of work. Not only can it generate streams of income, it also takes the emotion out of trading

It uses the Law of Large Numbers to achieve some of the best returns we’ve seen. And while most investors have never heard of it, this method outperforms some of the world’s most famous investors like Warren Buffett.

You can catch up on this idea in our weekly recap…

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Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. As I mentioned above, Teeka revealed a new system during his special event Wednesday night. It’s a lucrative strategy that can generate $12,000 per month or more. Nearly 20,000 people watched the world premiere. If you missed it, you still have a few days to catch the replay right here.