In American high school gym classes during the ‘80s, teachers elected two captains for team sports each day. Captains would always be the strongest and best athletes, who would each take turns picking from the pool of remaining kids.

Friends always got picked first. Then the remaining athletic kids… And left standing were the last two kids that no one wanted. I was always one of those.

You see, I was a nerdy kid… and a disastrous athlete. My vision was terrible. I wasn’t fast or strong. And I was asthmatic.

So, I can’t blame them. We all knew I would drag down whatever team I ended up on.

But I also knew one day I’d somehow turn the tables. Though, it wouldn’t be from scoring the game-winning goal or throwing the Hail Mary touchdown. It would be in a much bigger game, with much bigger stakes…

The reason I’m telling you this is simple – I figured out a way to pick a team of all-stars every time I play. And I never have to worry that the best player will get chosen ahead of my turn to pick.

That’s because my game is investing – where everyone has equal chance to build an all-star team.

A Game Everyone Can Win

It turns out being dismal at sports helped me find and focus on my real passion: investing. I ended up spending years on Wall Street and went on to create an unbeatable stock-picking system. It scans over 5,500 stocks every day – identifying the top 20 highest-quality names being bought by big-money investors.

It’s this system that brought my subscribers a 5x return on The Trade Desk (TTD), 3x returns on SolarEdge (SEDG) and Paycom (PAYC), a 2x return on Veeva Systems (VEEV), and so on.

In a way, this system helped me build the ultimate stock-market fantasy team…

Think of it this way: If you managed a basketball team, you’d be excited to draft new players each year. After all, the future of your franchise depends on getting exciting players that can help get you closer to a championship.

But your draft order means you might miss the next generational superstar like LeBron James. And on top of it, you’d have to wait another year for a chance at a totally new pool of players.

We all can’t manage a pro sports team unless we play fantasy sports. But anyone with a little bit of money can pick an all-star team of stocks.

You can do this every trading day of the year and never worry that someone chose the best stock before you. You get to make your dream team… own them, manage them, and strategize for victory every single day.

What Makes a “Fantasy Portfolio”

When you filter just 20 stocks out of 5,500 every day, you end up with an entire team of LeBron-like stocks. And the best part is, other investors can have them too. (In fact, the more the merrier! When big money buys the best stocks that you own, that’s a great thing!)

Building a fantasy portfolio isn’t all that complicated either. My system simply looks for companies that have big sales and earnings growth, big profits, manageable debt, and are emerging leaders in the industry.

Then, when my proprietary system flashes signals of big money pouring in, I know the odds are heavily tilted in my favor of winning.

When using this method, you end up with many stocks exhibiting similar winning traits. Not unlike an all-star sports team.

Of course, these stocks are always subject to temporary fluctuations with market conditions like we’ve seen recently – elections, sector rotations, scandalous news headlines, and on and on.

But they also tend to be resilient and grow wealth long term. And if you want to really hack it as an investor, that’s where your mindset needs to be.

The “One-Click” Fantasy Portfolio

Now, I understand that digging up these companies isn’t easy. Especially if you aren’t a full-time investor.

So if you’re looking for a way to “auto-draft” the kinds of companies my system identifies, you should buy and hold a growth exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Right now, I’m most excited about tech companies in growth mode. So for an ETF focused on tech companies that will drive human innovation and progress, you could go with the Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ), an ETF that tracks the NASDAQ 100 Index.

Of course, owning an ETF has its trade-offs. You’re exposed to the whole growth stock universe… and not all of them are winners. In fact, many of the companies they hold are duds. And you’ll likely miss out on the monster returns that come from individual names.

My whole approach to investing is about finding these names – positioned for huge growth and backed by the world’s biggest money managers – and riding them to the moon. And my proprietary system does nearly all the work for us.

Think of it as having your own world-class general manager like Pat Riley – at a fraction of the cost.

Remember, this is the same system that picked triple-digit winners like The Trade Desk (TTD), SolarEdge (SEDG), and Nvidia (NVDA). And my portfolio’s average return is 31% since inception. That crushes the S&P 500’s 10.5% return over the same timeframe. And our tech names average an incredible 55%… more than double the 24% return you would’ve got from investing in QQQ.

Unlike drafting in sports, my system gives everyone the opportunity to pick the best stocks in the world. All you have to do is click here to get started

Patience and process!


Jason Bodner
Editor, Palm Beach Insider