Tom Dyson

From Tom Dyson, founder, Palm Beach Research Group: Most men shave with cartridge razors… the razors with three, four, and five blades in them.

I shaved with one of these—a Gillette Mach 3—for 20 years.

My Gillette never cut me, and I g​o​t a close shave, too. But I had​ to scratch the hair off my face, and the razor ​got ​terribly clogged. I always g​o​t a rash on my neck after shaving with ​the Mach 3​.

A couple of years ago, my friend, Porter Stansberry, told me he was going to hire designers and find the world’s best materials to build the world’s best shaving razor.

His razor would combine the ease of a cartridge shave with the quality and comfort of a single-blade shave.

It would totally change my shaving experience, he told me…

Porter’s always done things his own way. I’m sure you can tell if you’ve read his newsletter. He often gets fired up about something, and won’t stop until he’s found a better way to do it.

After a lot of work, Porter’s built what might be the world’s best shaving razor.

And now, he’s selling it online. (Full disclosure: I’ve invested a small amount of money in Porter’s razor business.)

I’ve been shaving with it for about three weeks now…

It has a flexible head, so after one pass with the blade, my skin is rubbery smooth—even on the awkward areas of my face. I haven’t cut or nicked myself once. And I don’t get a rash.

It’s super stylish, and it comes with a cool metal stand. Honestly, I love it. I imagine it’ll be sitting somewhere near my basin for the rest of my life…

(It’s not just me—plenty of “experts” online agree.)

Check it out. I think you’ll like what Porter has built. And the whole package is extremely high-end, so it also makes a great impression as a gift. You can learn more about the world’s best razor, right here.