The COVID-19 pandemic has been relentless. New cases are spiking across the country and hospitals are overwhelmed once more. As the year winds down, many can’t fathom where the time went in this “new normal.”

But what the headlines fail to tell you is this: There are still ways to prosper and protect your wealth in today’s uncertain economy. It’s up to you to take charge of what you can control and seek out the safety and security you deserve.

This week we’ve been watching the new laws and regulations coming out of the recent election… laws that will expand an already booming market… and regulations that make it easier than ever for Main Street to invest before a company goes public.

Read on to find out what’s changed, and to learn about two sectors of the market worth watching today…


Wall Street Is Singing a New Tune on Crypto
Now that bitcoin is being accepted as a legitimate investment asset, Wall Street wants in on the action… and it’s all at your expense.


The Best Low-Risk, High-Reward Bet You Can Make
The last thing you want to do is risk everything to chase a measly 7% annual return in the S&P 500. Fortunately, there’s a better way to catch up


Americans Spoke on Election Day: Here’s Who Won
Thanks to recent tailwinds, we expect a new bull market to break out in the cannabis sector… And that will explode certain names higher.


The Election Story You Missed
Average Americans can now profit from untapped markets propelled by massive, unstoppable trends… and all before the rest of the market catches on.


Is This a “Crap” Rally or “Real” Rally?
While investors flock to value traps, the big money is flowing into a sector with strong fundamentals and bright long-term prospects



Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. Since the pandemic began in March, cryptos have given everyday investors the opportunity to make life-changing gains… but as crypto adoption takes hold, these opportunities will be in the rearview.

That’s why Daily editor Teeka Tiwari recently shared details on six tiny cryptos with the potential to give you the life you want, right now… and he even gave away his top crypto pick for free.

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