As the COVID-19 omicron variant overwhelms the real world, the metaverse is preparing innovative solutions for many in-person issues.

Regular Daily readers know that the metaverse is a digital world where we’ll live, work, play, and interact in what could be innovative and previously unimaginable ways.

And companies are already preparing virtual workspaces in the metaverse as COVID-19 cases mount, while some public health experts are calling for “digital health and safety offices” that can help people prevent spreading the virus through social distancing.

So this groundbreaking technology is already offering potential solutions to real-world problems like the global pandemic.

More importantly, this trend will be immensely profitable for early investors…

Morgan Stanley estimates about $1 trillion will be funneled into the metaverse each year for the next 8 years… and right now, 22 companies tied to the metaverse have an initial public offering (IPO) planned for 2022.

Yet, cashing in on the metaverse won’t be as easy as buying the next hot IPO…

If you want to reap the profits from this trillion-dollar sector, you need to get in the right companies at the pre-IPO stage… Before they go public.

That’s why Daily editor Teeka Tiwari hosted his Freedom 2022 live stream on Wednesday night, where he explained two very different paths to playing the metaverse boom…

First, there’s the “Hype Hole” path, where you might have a shot at double-digit returns in 24 hours… If you’re lucky.

Then there’s the “Blueprint” path, where you could achieve two decades’ worth of life-changing returns in that same 24-hour period.

To learn more about these two paths… and how to prepare for the coming metaverse boom… click here to watch a free replay of Teeka’s big event.


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily