The richer you are, the richer you get…

But the non-rich are often barred by regulations from some of the most lucrative investments in the world. And other opportunities are so expensive that they might as well be off-limits to the little guy.

That’s why we’re always unearthing new trends and finding unique ways for you to profit from markets—the same way millionaires and celebrities have been for years.

You don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines while these money-making plays gain momentum. So be sure to find them all below…

Why I Risked My Life Eating Fried Ants
We’re at the very beginning of a global boom in this market. It’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. So eating fried ants in Colombia is a small price to pay to get the inside scoop on this opportunity

Five Simple Steps to Start Your Own Art Collection
We’re always looking for ways to level the playing field between the rich and the not-yet-rich. And one of them is to build your own investment-grade portfolio of collectibles

This Indicator Just Triggered the Next Gold Bull Run
As the common wisdom goes: Nothing pushes up gold prices faster and further than reckless money-printing. So why isn’t gold at $5,000 per ounce right now?

The Fastest Way to Leverage Gold for Triple-Digit Gains
Mergers and acquisitions happen all the time. And the ones in this space offer high upside compared to those in other industries. Here’s why that’s exciting

The Gold Rally Is Gaining Momentum
At the beginning of a new bull market, even the most loyal industry veterans don’t trust higher prices. And at the end of a bull market, every fool tells you there’s more to come


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily