Global equity markets are churning with fear…

Last week, China devalued its currency, the yuan, by 2% in one day. The Chinese government hopes this will spur exports and jump-start economic growth.

Every U.S. dollar now buys 2% more Chinese goods than before the move.

But this also means China’s growing middle class—hundreds of millions of consumers—must pay an extra 2% to continue getting the same foreign goods… like American goods.

Some analysts believe the move has dire consequences for U.S. stocks…

In the video update below, Jump Point Trader Editor Teeka Tiwari helps PBRG subscribers navigate the volatile China situation. He explains an important lesson on fear he learned from his two decades on Wall Street… and how to take advantage of it.

If you’re “freaking out” about China’s troubles—and how they’ll affect the safety of your own portfolio—you’ll want to hear what Teeka has to say in the four-minute clip below: