“Teeka, you told me this thing was going to double, triple, quadruple… And here we are, down 30–40%. What’s going on?”

In 2003, I started recommending Apple to my clients. At the time, Apple was about to launch its biggest product – the iPod – for PC users.

Up until then, the iPod was only available to Macintosh users, who were about 3% of computer users. PC users made up the other 97%.

I knew launching the iPod for PC users would lead to higher sales overnight.

But despite this incredibly bullish catalyst, Apple’s stock continued to fall – from a split-adjusted price of $1.34 in 2000 to $0.23 in 2003. That’s an 83% drop.

My clients were furious. I can’t repeat the vitriol they directed at me in this publication. They believed Apple was an atrocious investment.

We were at the tail end of the dot-com crash. Tech names were getting absolutely hammered. And no one thought the company would survive.

My longtime readers know how this story eventually ends…

By 2004, everyone had realized the iPod was an incredible product that millions of users would adopt.

That year, Apple sold roughly 4.4 million iPods, which generated about 16% of the company’s revenue.

That’s a significant increase from the previous year when Apple sold 900,000, just 6% of the company’s revenue.

By the end of 2007, Apple had sold nearly 52 million units. That accounted for nearly 40% of the company’s revenue.

The rapid adoption of the iPod sent Apple’s stock climbing over 3,000% from its 2003 low to its 2007 high. That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into $31,000.

My clients who stuck with me – those who dared to follow my clear-eyed research rather than succumb to fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) – made a killing.

And all that vitriol? Instead of hate mail, I began receiving fan mail.

I know many of you have heard me tell this story before. You might be saying, “Old Teeka, at it again… spinning another yarn about his days on Wall Street.”

I get it.

But I don’t retell this story to relive some old glory days. I retell it because you need to hear stories of research beating FUD – over and over again. I want to implant it in your brain.

Because we’re approaching one of those moments again… A time when you’ll look at the markets and look at my research, and you might be hesitant to follow my advice.

Don’t make that mistake…

Ignore the Noise

I take pride in helping mint more crypto millionaires than any other newsletter editor I know.

Of course, it’s easy for me to say that when I’m helping you make money in bull markets…

What gives me an even greater sense of accomplishment is guiding readers through bear markets – like the dot-com crash of the early 2000s and the current Crypto Winter.

That’s how I’ve earned your trust. I’ve built that trust since I began recommending bitcoin during the 2016 crypto bear market.

At the time, bitcoin was trading at $428 – down 62% from its all-time highs set just a year earlier.

Buying during this time wasn’t easy.

You had to block out the noise from naysayers calling bitcoin “magic internet money” and nothing more than a payment system for drug dealers and gun runners. And it was that in its earliest incarnation… but I knew it could be much, much more.

I understood the key to making money from bitcoin over the long term was relying on the fact that it was a superior form of currency – one that would get adopted by more and more people over time.

If you held on to that conviction – based on my clear-eyed research – you would’ve owned bitcoin during the 2017 bull market.

That’s when it hit a new all-time high of $20,000 – a 4,573% gain. And Ethereum – which I also recommended in 2016 at $9 – was up 16,011%.

This wasn’t my last rodeo, either…

In 2018, we entered another Crypto Winter. Only this time, FUD was even worse.

Bitcoin crashed 84%. Ethereum fell even more. Critics like Warren Buffett called bitcoin “rat poison squared.”

Despite the negative sentiment, I urged you to double down on these assets… even when all hope looked lost.

That July, I appeared as a guest on media personality Glenn Beck’s show. During the show, I declared bitcoin would hit $40,000. At the time, it was trading around $7,000.

People thought I was nuts…

But those who dared to follow me through that bear market saw bitcoin rise to nearly $70,000 during the next bull run. That’s an incredible 900% gain.

Friends, investing in this asset class during a bear market isn’t for the faint of heart.

You need to see through the fog of confusion and drown out the noise…

Right now, there’s a Wall-Street-sized catalyst working its way into crypto. And it could turn the current crypto bear market into the last significant Crypto Winter we’ll ever see…

My Final Call

Look, I understand if fear is keeping you out of crypto…

The media is full of headlines calling bitcoin a Ponzi scheme or proclaiming the death of crypto as we know it.

But those so-called experts are overlooking a significant crypto catalyst.

You see, while the broader crypto market is down and many casual investors are selling their positions, institutional investors are RACING into crypto…

  • Companies like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are making billions off their new crypto credit cards…

  • Fidelity is adding crypto access to its retirement accounts…

  • Goldman Sachs has stated publicly that it plans to spend tens of millions of dollars buying up bargain crypto firms…

  • And JPMorgan has officially registered a trademark for its own crypto wallet.

Right now, crypto is anything but “irrelevant.”

And if I’m right about the future of crypto (and I’ve got a pretty solid track record), this could be like buying Amazon for $6 after it fell 93% in the dot-com crash.

That’s the opportunity in front of us today, and it’s why I’m holding a special event this Saturday at 9 a.m. ET called “Big T’s Final Call.

During this event, I’ll explain exactly what’s happening in crypto, what I see playing out in the year ahead, and share details on a massive move coming to crypto that we’ve never seen before.

You can click here to instantly register for this free event… and please, do not wait.

This will likely be the last bear market where we can turn small stakes into meaningful, life-changing returns… just like my readers have done in the past.

Let the Game Come to You!

Big T