Mark, I’ve found the perfect guy. He’s been working in finance since he was a teenager. He’s run hedge funds… He’s gone broke… And he’s made a couple of fortunes…

That was my first introduction to Teeka Tiwari.

I’m Chaka Ferguson, Teeka’s longtime managing editor. And I first learned about Teeka the same way you likely did – in a newsletter.

In October 2015, PBRG cofounder Tom Dyson hired me to work with Teeka. At the time, I had no idea who “Big T” was.

So the first thing I did was read an essay about Teeka written by Tom’s cofounder, Mark Ford…

As I’d come to learn, Tom had recommended Teeka as an editor. And after some convincing, Mark invited Teeka to a special, three-day retreat at a fancy hunting lodge in Georgia.

There, Teeka faced a group of top publishing executives in the business. Mark called it, “Teeka on Trial.” It read almost like an interrogation.

“These guys are tough critics. If Teeka could win them over, I would be sold,” Mark wrote.

Obviously, he won them over. And Mark was sold…

He Lost It All – And Gained It Back

By the time I finally joined PBRG in 2015, I trusted Mark and Tom’s judgment.

You see, I’d been following their advice in the Daily for nearly a year already. I appreciated their mission of helping others achieve financial freedom… and was impressed by their entrepreneurial spirit.

Their wealth-building ideas were eye-opening. And I learned a great deal about investing.

So when Tom told me I’d be working with this guy named Big T, the first thing I did was read what he and Mark had to say about him.

And Mark’s most revealing passage was this:

During the retreat, Teeka told us that for more than 10 years, he ran his own international hedge fund, trading millions of dollars’ worth of global shares and other financial instruments.

I admit – I was impressed. But the part of his story he told next really hit home. It happened in 1998. Teeka said he had just made a fortune in the markets, profiting from a major trend he had identified early.

There were signals that things were changing and he should exit his positions, but he didn’t. Instead, Teeka said, he got greedy and held on…

When the Fed suddenly cut interest rates, all my positions moved against me. I lost everything. I was ruined. That night, as I was catching a train home at Grand Central Station, I thought about throwing myself under it.

Of course, his story didn’t end there…

Teeka dug himself out of the financial hole he’d fallen into and went on to create a considerable amount of wealth for himself and his clients.

But he did so, he said, “with a healthy respect for risk – and a real understanding of how badly things can go when we get comfortable or arrogant with our investments, even with the money we’d always considered safe.”

If you’re a longtime follower of Teeka, you’ve probably heard some version of this story. It’s the foundation of his investing philosophy.

And it’s what sets him apart from every other newsletter editor in the business…

Are You Nuts?

After reading Mark’s essay, I was excited about working with Big T.

In fact, I remember the first time I talked to him on the phone. He sent me an essay about a market correction and wanted my feedback.

I was still an investing novice. So I asked him, “Well, which way is it correcting?”

“Is this guy nuts?” Teeka asked my editorial director.

Needless to say, I learned quickly. And like Mark and Tom, Teeka’s a great teacher…

Before we started recommending cryptos in 2016, Teeka taught the whole staff about them. That’s why Palm Beach Confidential is the best crypto service in the world.

And every time I’m about to invest in something, I can hear his voice in my head: “Stay rational… Don’t chase prices… And Let the Game Come to You!”

He’s also a hell of an investor.

But I don’t need to go over the numbers. By now, you’ve heard how he’s helped thousands of people make life-changing gains in crypto. And he’s delivered more profits to subscribers than anyone I know of in our industry.

What I want to tell you is about the Big T I know…

Despite all of his successes, he’s still humble. I’ve attended conferences with him. And at each one, he’ll stay for long hours, shaking hands and taking pictures with his fans.

He also respects his subscribers – and fights tooth and nail for them. (I’ve seen him stand up to his publishers when they initially balked at presenting his crypto research. And as Mark points out, this is a tough group.)

That’s why he takes so many risks with his own life to help others achieve their own financial freedom. (I spoke to him right after he was almost arrested in Belarus last year. It’s one of the wildest stories I’ve ever heard.)

I’ve seen him after he’s flown overnight from Moscow to Fort Lauderdale, arriving at our Delray Beach headquarters bleary-eyed to brief staff on his latest research.

The next day, he’d catch a red-eye to California to research an investment opportunity. Then, he’d be off to the Colombian highland jungles with an armed escort in search of more life-changing gains.

I’m not sure if he even sleeps… When he’s not flying, he’s writing the next blockbuster crypto issue or private placement special report.

Look, sometimes Teeka will be wrong. But most of the time he’s right. And more importantly, he’s always dedicated to his subscribers.

So when Mark says Teeka dug himself out of a financial hole, you can understand how. And he’ll use the same principles to help you build your own wealth.

And if you’re as impressed with Big T as Mark, Tom, and I are… I encourage you to join him tonight at 8 p.m. ET for his big event, Freedom 2020.

Let him show you how you could potentially earn life-changing gains in a single day – and put yourself on the path to financial freedom.


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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