Wall Street is at it again…

This time, it’s billionaire investor Ray Dalio, the cofounder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates.

On Wednesday, Dalio told Yahoo Finance bitcoin could become “outlawed” the way gold was in 1934.

Every country treasures its monopoly on controlling the supply and demand. They don’t want other monies to be operating or competing, because things can get out of control. So I think that it would be very likely that you will have it under a certain set of circumstances outlawed the way gold was outlawed.

For those who may not be familiar with the story, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 that ended all private holding and use of gold as money. So that’s what Dalio is referring to.

Since Dalio’s interview, bitcoin is down 9%. And it’s dropped 16% from its all-time high of $61,683 on March 13.

Now, I’m not saying Dalio’s comments caused bitcoin to pull back. But every time bitcoin begins another rally… we see one of Wall Street’s elites climb out from under a rock to criticize it… And the price drops.

It happened earlier this month when bitcoin dropped from $55,000 to $48,000. That was because Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she feared bitcoin’s use was more for “illicit finance” than legitimate transactions.

And again, bitcoin dropped from $49,000 to $47,000 when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair nominee Gary Gensler said cryptos were “really rife with fraud and scams.”

Friends, I know when someone like Dalio (and these others) says bitcoin could be “outlawed” it sends shivers down your spine.

But this is the same guy who said bitcoin was “not effective” as a store of value or a medium of exchange in January 2020 when bitcoin was at $8,600… Only to change his tune less than a year later when he admitted bitcoin has established itself as a “gold-like asset alternative.”

So we’re no strangers to this kind of flip-flopping.

Listen closely when I tell you this…

Wall Street was wrong about bitcoin when I first recommended it at $428 in 2016… And people like Dalio are wrong now. But his jawboning is giving us an opportunity.

Will Bitcoin Be Banned?

Dalio’s comments come amid reports that India is considering a ban on crypto assets. But as hard as they may try, governments can’t shut down true cryptos like bitcoin.

It’s something I’ve been saying for years.

Without getting too deep into the weeds, bitcoin’s strength stems from no individual person running the blockchain. It’s peer-to-peer, with no intermediary.

Each node (computer) in the network retains a copy of the blockchain ledger. And the bitcoin blockchain has 11,558 nodes across the world. So to kill bitcoin, a government would have to shut down every single node.

Remember, these nodes are in scores of countries. It’d take a concerted international effort – costing billions of dollars in resources and manpower – to destroy bitcoin. And if even a single node survives, it can restart the whole shebang.

Even China – with one of the more repressive governments in the world – has tried to ban bitcoin. Yet trading still flourishes there. Russia, Vietnam, and Colombia have all tried and failed, too.

And so will India.

I think there’s no capacity to kill bitcoin. Again, even China, with its firewall and extreme intervention in its society could not kill bitcoin.

Governments never liked crypto. And they still don’t. Big whoop. We’ve been dealing with that for almost six years now – while adoption of digital assets continues to grow at a record pace.

Like all the other “end of the world” events such as bitcoin’s hard fork back in 2017, exchange hacks, and other regulatory threats… this too will pass. Bitcoin prices will recover… and the worrywarts will look for something else to obsess over.

In the meantime, our experience in the space tells us one thing about this pullback: It’s a buying opportunity.

Is Dalio Trying to Scare Bitcoin Prices Lower?

Longtime readers know volatility is the price we pay for realizing massive returns – like my paid-up subscribers, who earlier this month had the opportunity to book massive gains of up to 37,573% on several of my altcoin recommendations.

From a purely selfish standpoint, I’d love to see bitcoin dip below $40,000 again. It would be an amazing buying opportunity. And just maybe, that could be what Dalio wants, too?

Think about it… How is a guy who runs a $150 billion fund ever going to be able to put on a sizable position of bitcoin?

Hypothetically speaking, it makes sense for him to scare the pants out of the market, shake loose the weak hands – and buy as much as he can, as cheap as he can, for as long as he can.

That’s the wealth theft blueprint we’ve been seeing Wall Street use since the beginning of time.

Whether it was scaring Old West prospectors out of their mining claims or Jamie Dimon calling bitcoin a fraud while, at the same time, his traders in London were buying it.

It’s important to remember Wall Street and the people who inhabit it are consumed by self-serving greed.

Whatever the reason at play, here’s what never changes when investing in life-changing investments…

You need these scary selloffs to bring fear back into the market. These cooling-off periods give bitcoin time to breathe before it takes off again.

Just like when we saw bitcoin run to $40,000 and back off to $28,000. Like when bitcoin ran to $52,000 and dropped to $38,000. And when we hit $60,000 and fell to $48,000.

It’s normal. The key here is to stay focused on the big picture. The value of the entire global gold market is $9.6 trillion. And as I told you Monday, I believe bitcoin will surpass gold as the world’s main store of value.

At nearly $1 trillion, if bitcoin reaches the size of the global gold market… we could easily see it go up nearly 10x from today’s values.

Even Higher Prices Ahead

Another part of getting the big picture right is focusing on new demand.

And we now have a brand-new source of demand for bitcoin: as a corporate treasury asset. Corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars of capital. So even a small allocation to bitcoin can profoundly affect the crypto’s price.

We’ve already seen companies like MicroStrategy and Tesla start to make this shift in a very public way.

In fact, ARK Investment Management recently reported nontraditional assets such as real estate and emerging market stocks – and digital currency – make up 5–6% of institutional investors’ portfolios.

If pension funds and banks allocate a similar weighting to bitcoin, the report suggests bitcoin’s price could hit $500,000.

Will this happen in a straight line?

No, of course not. We saw that in the 2018 Crypto Winter when bitcoin plunged as much 84%… only to rocket to new highs this year. So it’s naïve to think bitcoin (or any other asset for that matter) will go up in a straight line.

I’ve said for years volatility is the price you have to be willing to pay for life-changing gains in crypto. You won’t see these huge upcycles without down cycles, too. The key is to stand steadfast, ignore the noise… and where appropriate, buy more bitcoin.

And as to whether bitcoin will get banned in America, that’s utter nonsense. Bitcoin has been deemed property. The IRS has given us a framework for it. The SEC has given us a framework for it, as has the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen).

It’s becoming a core holding among all manner of old-line financial firms. Do you think stodgy firms like MassMutual, Visa, Mastercard, or Bank of New York Mellon would take the risk of holding an asset that could be outlawed?

That’d be insane.

So ignore the speculation. As I’ve told you many times before, bitcoin has reached escape velocity. It’s a legitimate asset class. And it’s here to stay.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. I recently raised my recommended buy-up-to price on bitcoin to $75,000. So any volatility caused by Wall Street big shots voicing their opinion du jour on bitcoin… is a great buying opportunity for those of us who focus on the bigger picture and overall story of adoption.

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