Inflation isn’t only hitting Americans at the gas station and grocery store…

According to a new survey from financial services firm Northwestern Mutual, the average American needs to save $1.25 million to retire comfortably.

That’s up 20% from a year ago… and on top of the expected retirement age ticking up to 64, compared with 62.6 last year.

Then there’s this quote from Janet Yellen at the G20 Summit in Indonesia…

“Over the next couple of years, I definitely think that inflation will come back down to levels toward normal levels we’re accustomed to.”

Remember, these are same people who said inflation was “transitory”… Now they’re telling us it’ll be a few years more.

So it’s pretty clear: Inflation is putting retirement out of reach for many Americans.

Working harder and longer and investing a small portion of your income in the market simply won’t cut it anymore.

That’s why Daily editor Teeka Tiwari says you need to think outside the box… That’s because a crisis even bigger than inflation could be on the horizon.

The Ghosts of 2008 Are Back

Most of you are likely familiar with Lehman Brothers.

In 2008, it went from being the fourth-largest U.S. investment bank with a market cap of $60 billion at its peak… to one of the largest bankruptcy filings in U.S. history.

The collapse triggered a massive panic in the market that almost destroyed our entire financial system.

Unlike many of us, though, Teeka was an eyewitness to the fallout.

Here’s Teeka:

If you lived through the Lehman collapse, I’m sure you’re still haunted by the ghosts of 2008.

I know I am.

I started my career at Lehman at the age of 18. And I left years before the company got in trouble.

But when it went under, I was a special guest host on the Fox Business channel. I ended up reporting on Lehman’s collapse right outside its headquarters.

So I remember that day like it was yesterday… People were shuffling out of Lehman’s headquarters like zombies.

Nobody believed what they were seeing. It was a horror show. I didn’t think it could ever happen again.

But here we are… 14 years later. And I believe we’re on the verge of another Lehman episode.

Teeka calls this new looming crisis “The Next Lehman.”

In fact, he says we’re sitting on a $9.3 trillion time bomb. (To put that in perspective, that’s 155 times bigger than Lehman was.)

Teeka believes an event guaranteed to occur in early December could be the trigger that ignites it…

And when it explodes, it could potentially destroy the financial future of investors worldwide.

How to Prepare Yourself

To help you prepare, Teeka is holding a special briefing tonight at 8 p.m. ET called “The Next Lehman”…

At the event, Teeka will discuss this emerging crisis… what could trigger it… and reveal how it could give investors a shot at 14x returns using a little-known recession-proof asset far safer than regular stocks but with massive upside.

In fact, Teeka’s putting his own money to work in this asset… He believes it’s one of the safest ways to outperform inflation in this crazy market and protect his portfolio from this crisis.

As a bonus for joining Teeka tonight, he’ll also discuss his “2023 Recession-Proof Portfolio”… and he’ll even share the name of one pick for free.

Normally, only the wealthy invest in this recession-proof investment…

And based on our research, 17 Wall Street funds are investing 100% of their money in it… all while doing whatever they can to keep you away from it.

They’ll tell you this is more suitable for the elite… They’ll say you’re not sophisticated enough to invest in these assets… Or that it’s too complicated.

But that’s anything but true.

That’s why Teeka is making time to show you how to create your own recession-proof portfolio to protect against the Next Lehman.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t wan to wait two more years to find out if Yellen is right about inflation leveling off. Maybe it does… Maybe it doesn’t.

After all, these are the people who said inflation was “transitory.”

But the idea Teeka has identified can help protect you wealth regardless of market conditions.

So please click here to automatically reserve your spot for tonight’s big event.

I believe the crash-proof strategy Teeka reveals will be completely new to you… but it’s also one that every investor should have in their playbook.

You won’t want to miss it.



Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily