At PBRG, we work hard to bring you our best money-making ideas. But there’s more to building wealth than just generating multiple, reliable streams of income. There’s also “intangible” wealth like living healthier and happier.

So over this holiday weekend, don’t forget that there’s also virtue to working less. As PBRG cofounder Mark Ford writes, working less gives you greater freedom to think about the more important things in life.

Catch up on Mark’s most memorable essays and more in our weekly recap…

Only Crypto Can Fix This Wall Street Problem
Wall Street has made big bucks by spinning up new financial products and charging billions in fees for them. And now, something similar is happening in the crypto space

This Industry Just Started Seeing Big Buying
Big traders don’t want you to know they’re buying a certain stock until they’re finished. So they try to cover their tracks. But this system can still track them down – before anyone else

All Restaurant, Tobacco, and Coffee Stocks Will Go to Zero
Some analysts think the entire cannabis sector will go to zero. But the logic behind that idea isn’t strong. Here’s why

The Virtue of Laziness, Part I
On Thanksgiving Day, in one of Mark’s most memorable essays, we share why the desire to work less is an important part of wealth-building

The Virtue of Laziness, Part II
In Part II of Mark’s “virtue of laziness” essay, we continue where we left off… Your new landscaping business soon begins to wear on you. Now, you’ll lose a little with this solution but gain a great deal more


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily